Webinar: 5G in India: Levelling Up Experiences and Accessibility

Our Research Director  Tarun Pathak had moderated the “5G in India: Levelling Up Experiences and Accessibility” event. He looked at India’s 5G journey looking at key growth drivers, consumer expectations, enabling technologies and device costs.

He was also joined by


In markets where 5G has launched, the latest wireless broadband standard is shaping up to be the fastest generation of network technology ever adopted. It has become a key source of growth for operators globally not only because of the experiences it enables, but also due to the accessibility and affordability of handsets, which has boosted adoption rates.

India is set to launch commercial 5G networks by 2022 and become a major driver for 5G smartphone growth globally. Demand at home is already gathering steam, and is expected to reach double digits over the next few months.

Consumers are buying early, as OEMs deliver step change improvements in performance, features and design across a very broad range of segments.

Join us, as we explore India in the 5G context, analysing the numbers around domestic adoption, the key enabling technologies powering 5G devices, what Indian consumers look for when searching for a 5G device, and a peek into the portfolio of India’s fastest growing 5G smartphone brand.