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The Summer Temperatures are Rising and so are the US Carrier Promotional Activities

We are one week from the end of the second quarter. Often, the official start to summer ushers in a slowdown with the major US carriers selling fewer smartphones, wearables, and other connected…


One in Four Mobiles Purchased Online in 2020

Global online handset sales increased by almost 6% points in 2020 compared to the previous year. This growth is expected to continue due to emerging market support and an increase in middle-aged…

Global Smartwatch Market Share

Global Smartwatch Shipments Market Share (2018Q1 – 2021Q1)

Source: Global Smartwatch Shipments by Model Quarterly Tracker DOWNLOAD: (Use the buttons below to download the complete chart)     Global Smartwatch Shipments Market Share (Q1 2018 -…


European Monthly Smartphone Market Report – Xiaomi’s European Fight, From Challenger to Champion

Overview: Xiaomi continues to make great strides in Europe, particularly in markets like Spain and Italy. This report looks into how Xiaomi has climbed the rankings in these markets in recent months,…

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Mobile Devices

Do you need a deeper understanding of how the mobile devices market is developing, who the key players are across different regions, what features are important in different price bands? How quickly they’re diffusing, which services consumers use, and how all these elements will change in the future? Then talk to us about Counterpoint’s Mobile Devices Service.

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We track the consumption of components by end-markets across the largest connected devices market categories. If you need to understand the smart device supply chain and how it is changing, then Counterpoint’s Components Service should be your first choice.

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We track the full breadth of the IoT sector, tracking module sales and connections, by technology, by vertical market sector. With our IoT service you can understand how different players fit into the IoT ecosystem and also learn about detailed case studies across all industry verticals.

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No business can afford to ignore the rapidly developing landscape of technology developments. New technologies are emerging that will impact every part of business landscape. Stay ahead of the changes, so you know when and how to act to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Ecosystems and Services

Gain a holistic ecosystem level view of the key stakeholders in the mobile and tech industry. We track major stakeholders’ KPIs with market sizing, trend and competitive analysis for specific ecosystems. The different ecosystems we track include location, service providers, fintech, mobile commerce and more.

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Our consulting enables companies to improve performance at the core of the value chain. We have a strong network of experts who have vast experience in the technology sector. Our understanding of market trends and analytical firepower, enables us to develop reliable answers to your problems.

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