Storage Implications for the Camera Surveillance Market — Moving Towards the Edge


Surveillance camera technology has evolved rapidly in recent years while adoption has increased as camera prices have dropped. The next stage will be a mass market transformation to 4K edge-based cameras. These will have implications for multiple systems from SoCs, to volatile and persistent memory, to connectivity, to analytical frameworks and more. In the same way that IP video changed surveillance a decade ago, the industry is now feeling the impact of recent developments in AI and computer vision. This report describes recent developments in camera technology with a focus on AI and computer vision, gives an overview of the surveillance ecosystem and its key players, and provides a forecast for surveillance camera shipments based on embedded vs SD card storage types.


  • Executive Summary
  • Camera Technology and Connectivity Trends
  • Surveillance Ecosystem Key Players & Dynamics
  • Developing Role of AI and Computer Vision at the Edge in Surveillance Systems
  • Implications for Memory and Storage
  • Diverse Applications & Case Studies
  • Conclusions

Author: Maurice Klaehne
Number of Pages: 14

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