Post Event Coverage: Connected Vehicle 2020: Collaborating for an Autonomous and Connected Future

Post Event Coverage: Connected Vehicle 2020 | Bengaluru, India

Panel Discussion:  Software Driven Innovation for ADAS & Autonomous Future

Counterpoint Connected Vehicle 2020 Panel Discussion with Vinay PiparsaniaPanelists:

Summary of discussions amongst panelists:

ADAS technologies making self-driving possible

When can we expect rollout of autonomous cars, if at all?

A need for OEMS and suppliers to collaborate

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) formulating standards

  • In India, the subject of ADAS Standards are administered by the Intelligent Transport Systems Sectional Committee (TED 28) of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Scope of the TED 28 committee includes:
    • Standardization of information, communication and control systems in the field of urban and rural surface transportation, including autonomous, connected, intermodal and multimodal aspects thereof, traveler information, traffic management, public transport, commercial transport, emergency services, and commercial services in the intelligent transport systems, including associated security issues.
    • The committee has so far published 21 Standards and is working on at least another 10 subjects. The list of standards can be accessed from the BIS Website.
    • Currently, the committee has 13 active panels working towards standardization, some of which are Bus ITS, Traffic Management, Traveller Information Systems, RFID Application for School Buses, E-ticketing, Cyber Security and Functional safety of Road Vehicles, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, etc. One of these is also Advance Driver Assistance Systems.
    • Any subject experts in the country wishing to come forward and contribute towards the formulation of standards are welcome to submit their proposals, the pro forma of which is available on the BIS Website under the Standardization Tab.


While AV technology is developing rapidly, the automotive industry is still a long way from manufacturing self-driving vehicles anytime soon with challenges remaining in consumer awareness, standardization, economics, regulations/compliances, privacy, safety, and security.

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