Report: China Foldable Market Consumer Survey

China Foldable Market Consumer Survey


PDF | 21 pages
Published date: November 2023

Counterpoint Research conducted a survey targeting high-end smartphone users in China to explore their ownership, opinions, and preferences regarding foldable smartphone form factors. The study sheds light on users’ receptiveness to foldable smartphones, their inclinations toward various foldable designs, and the primary concerns within this segment. Additionally, the research delves into future preferences for foldable smartphone purchases.

The survey, sponsored by HONOR, utilized an online quantitative questionnaire to collect responses from individuals owning smartphones valued at $400 and above. The sample included 1,043 individuals, representing a diverse group categorized by age, education, gender, and occupation. Data collection took place in October 2023.

  • Key Takeaways
  • China Foldable Market Overview
    • China Foldable Smartphone Sales by Quarter
    • China Foldable Smartphone Market Share and Top Models, Q3 2023
    • China Foldable Smartphone Shipment Forecast
  • Foldable Survey Insights
    • Willingness to Purchase Foldables
    • Reasons to Choose Foldables
    • Clamshell vs Book-type
    • Book-type Study: Price, Weight and Thickness
    • Durability of Foldables Top Concern of All Surveyed Users
    • Key Features When Selecting Foldable Models and Brands
  • Appendix
    • Demographic Split
    • Research Design: Methodology



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HONOR Makes Foldable Magic at IFA 2023 With Magic V2, V Purse Smartphones

Given the absence of most major smartphone OEMs from IFA 2023, HONOR grabbed most of the headlines. And it didn’t disappoint, launching two products that were sure to get people talking: one a masterpiece of engineering, and the other, a masterpiece of thinking outside the box.

HONOR Magic V2

First, we have the Magic V2, HONOR’s latest foldable smartphone that comes only six months after its Magic Vs was launched internationally at MWC 2023. But as we learned from HONOR executives, why wait when such a leap in technology has been achieved? This was quite a poignant statement in an era when most smartphone vendors launch new devices annually, usually without any major upgrades to shout about.

HONOR certainly does have something to shout about with the Magic V2, as the hardware is simply staggering. HONOR has managed to produce a smartphone so thin that it seems to defy physics: at 4.7mm thick when unfolded and 9.9mm thick when folded, the V2 is only slightly thicker than a standard smartphone even when folded. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 measures 13.4mm thick when folded, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 8.9mm thick. Similarly, at 231g, the HONOR Magic V2 actually weighs less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and significantly less than Samsung and Google’s foldables respectively. Overall, it’s the closest to a standard candybar smartphone than any other foldable on the market. And since the dimensions of the front screen are similar to a normal phone, not tall and thin like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, it’s easy to forget it’s a foldable!


But a foldable it is, and the hinge is superbly slick. It occasionally fails to hold itself in an upright position, but it feels solid and leaves no gap at all. The internal screen is beautiful with a 2K resolution, a super-smooth adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, and the crease is hardly noticeable. It feels very premium indeed. The camera is yet to be tested, but the 50MP main, a 50MP ultrawide, and a 20MP 2.5x telephoto lenses, plus AI Falcon Capture, on-paper at least, put it ahead of the Galaxy Z Fold5 and even the Google Pixel Fold. Of course, the latter has Pixel Fold benefits from Google’s image processing technology, but the Magic V2 looks like it will be a very capable snapper.

There are a few downsides. First, the Magic V2 has no IP rating, compared to the Galaxy Z Fold5 IPX8 rating. And secondly is the question of software. Previous HONOR foldables have featured polished software in the way they handle apps and images on the internal screen, but scaling and optimisation are areas for improvement. Time will tell if HONOR has improved with the V2, but I suspect things may still lag the Samsung experience.

However, HONOR has still produced what I think is the best book-type foldable smartphone the industry has seen so far. Sadly, it may not be coming to international markets until next year, which does leave me wondering why HONOR decided to “launch” it now. If the tech is ready (and it’s already available in China), then why not launch it now and get the jump on Samsung? Leaving it until next year gives Samsung a few extra months to try to catch up.


HONOR’s other major announcement at IFA, and the one that attracted most of the headlines was its concept outward folding smartphone, the HONOR V Purse. The device features interchangeable straps and chains that allow it to be carried like a purse or a handbag and uses its outward-facing display to show wallpapers designed to mimic different purse styles.

Little else is known about the device, including whether it will actually be put into production, and to be honest, I don’t think it will be taken very seriously. The personalization possibilities are fun, but I can’t really picture anyone using it with the strap as a “clutch bag” and whacking it on every surface. Also, having such an expensive device clearly on display is asking for trouble.

Even so, it’s a nice example of creative thinking from HONOR, and a welcome attempt to differentiate in a segment where devices are already all looking the same.

Global Foldable Smartphone Shipments to Cross 100 Million by 2027

  • Global foldable smartphone shipments are projected to reach 101.5 million in 2027 from 78.6 million in 2026.
  • Samsung and Apple are expected to dominate the market.
  • Regional drivers, especially in China, combined with growing consumer willingness to buy foldables will help keep shipment growth buoyant.

Seoul, Boston, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, London – July 26, 2023

Global foldable smartphone shipments are expected to pass the 100-million mark by 2027, according to Counterpoint Research’s latest Global Foldable Smartphone Tracker and Forecast, with Samsung and Apple accounting for the biggest market share.

Global Foldable Smartphone Shipment Forecast by Brand & Foldable Share In Premium Segment, 2021-2027(E)*

Foldable Smartphone Market Forecast
*Premium segment considered to be above $600 average wholesale price

Commenting on growth expectations, Research Director Tom Kang said, “At the moment, foldables remain niche. But it is an important segment for brands looking to maintain leadership in innovation and a premium market presence.”

Kang added, “Samsung and the Chinese OEMs have been very active, especially in their home markets, with China emerging as the biggest market globally last year. If you want to make it in foldables, you have to make it there.”

Senior Analyst Jene Park said, “In the long term, we are waiting to see what Apple does. We are looking at 2025 as the possible year of iPhone’s foldable debut, which could provide another growth spurt for the segment.”

Park added, “When we look at the current consumer response, our latest Global Foldable Smartphone Preference Survey shows a willingness to purchase for the majority of respondents, most notably among current users. This is a good sign and tells us the hype around foldables is legitimate.”

Global Foldable Smartphone Survey, 2023

Question: Are you willing to purchase a foldable phone as your next device?

Source: Counterpoint Research Global Foldable Smartphone Preference Survey, 2023
Notes: N=1,000 per country across US, China, South Korea; Figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding

Feel free to reach us at for questions regarding our latest research and insights.


Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in products in the TMT (technology, media and telecom) industry. It services major technology and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analyses of the mobile and technology markets. Its key analysts are seasoned experts in the high-tech industry.

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White Paper: Foldable Smartphones Set to Take on New Heights

Foldable Smartphones Set to Take on New Heights


PDF | 18 pages
Published date: July 2023

The global smartphone market is shifting its focus towards the premium segment, which offers higher profitability and resilience to economic downturns. In 2022, despite the overall decline in global smartphone sales, the premium market saw growth, with foldable smartphones capturing an increasing proportion of this market. It is projected that global foldable smartphone shipments will grow at a six-year CAGR of 114% from 2019 to 2025.

Chinese smartphone OEMs have played a significant role in driving growth in the foldable segment. With a mature supply ecosystem, strong partnerships with Chinese internet companies and aggressive product offerings, China has risen to be the world’s largest market for foldable smartphones, capturing a 26% share in 2022. We expect that Chinese smartphone OEMs will continue their success in the home market and further gain market share through overseas expansion.

Foldable smartphones have evolved through several generations since their introduction in 2019. Transitioning from the exploratory phase of the first generation, the focus shifted to the second generation with the aim of enhancing the practicality of foldable devices for everyday use. The current foldable models have seen huge improvements that can challenge flat-screen flagship models. We expect the next generation of foldable phones to surpass traditional flagships in overall performance and offer users an unprecedented experience.

Overall, the foldable market is poised for further growth due to technological advancements, declining prices, and the expanding presence of Chinese OEMs in overseas markets. This segment represents a key area of opportunity within the broader global smartphone industry.

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Foldable Smartphone Segment Expansion Globally
  • Section 2: Success of Chinese OEMs in Foldable Smartphone Market
  • Section 3: Foldable Smartphone Generations
  • Conclusion

Mengmeng Zhang

Senior Analyst

Shenghao Bai

Senior Analyst

Flora Tang

Senior Analyst



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John Doe

White Paper: China Premium Smartphone Market

China Premium Smartphone Market


PDF | 17 pages
Published date: June 2023

Though China’s smartphone annual shipments have trended down for years, the high-end segment has shown solid growth and demonstrated potential for further expansion. Chinese OEMs have rolled out dual-flagship strategies, namely flat flagship + foldable flagship smartphones, aiming to capture the premiumization trend and increase their market shares in the premium segment. This report provides an in-depth analysis of the China high-end smartphone segment, its growth potential, and the newly unveiled premium strategies of smartphone OEMs, and others.

  • Chapter 1. China Smartphone OEMs Seek High-Quality Growth
    • China High-End Smartphone Sales Second Biggest in the World; Potential for Further Expansion
    • Chinese Flagship Smartphones Spec Upgrades; Boosting Demands
  • Chapter 2. Dual Flagship Strategy Help Android Segment Grow
    • Flat Flagship Smartphone With Extreme Photography Experience
    • Foldable Smartphone Provided New Growth Power
    • China Foldable Market Become Diversified
    • China Foldable Market Outlook
  • Chapter 3. OPPO’s Market Performance in China
    • Flat Photography Flagship Find X Series
    • Foldable Flagship Find N Series
  • Chapter 4. Conclusion

Ethan Qi

Associate Director

Mengmeng Zhang

Senior Analyst

Archie Zhang

Research Analyst



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HONOR Bucks Market Trend With Fast Overseas Expansion

The global financial crisis has hit consumers hard, weakening demand and making 2022 the worst year for smartphone shipments since 2013, even taking into account COVID-ravaged 2020.

Times are tough for most smartphone OEMs but HONOR’s performance thus far is noteworthy. While some are having to carefully manage inventory in the face of weak consumer demand, and as most other Chinese OEMs pivot strategies to be less aggressive in their expansion plans due to uncertain market conditions outside of their home market, HONOR is actually expanding.

In its overseas markets (i.e., outside of China), HONOR’s shipments grew almost four-fold in Q1 2023 versus Q1 2022. The only other major OEM to register growth in the same period was HMD; many others posted double-digit declines.

Yes, HONOR’s growth is from a much smaller base than the others, since it only became an independent brand (separating from Huawei) in November 2020, but the growth trajectory – especially in a declining market, is positive.

So, what are HONOR’s growth prospects could we see it higher up the top 10 non-China rankings list in 2024?

Regional expansion is a work in progress

In terms of HONOR’s key overseas markets, over the last year, HONOR has seen impressive growth in three regions – Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America – where its shipments increased by over five-, six- and eight-fold respectively.

Source: Counterpoint Research. Note: Europe data excludes Russia and Turkey.



It took a bit of time for HONOR to get started in Europe following its independence in November 2020. After a period of re-grouping, HONOR returned in early 2022 with partnerships with many major retailers and some of region’s biggest operators (including Three UK, Orange and SFR France and Wind Tre Italy). Operators are crucial to future growth prospects as their sales channels account for around 40% of the region’s smartphone sales in Q1 2023 (and around 55% in Western Europe).

HONOR now operates a three-tier strategy in Europe:

  • The flagship Magic smartphones, starting with the Magic4 Pro, established HONOR’s premium credentials, and has done well in France, Germany and the UK.
  • The mid-tier HONOR 50 and 50 Lite were HONOR’s main sellers in Q1 2022, replaced by the HONOR 70 which was HONOR’s key volume driver in Europe in Q1 2023.
  • The budget X series has done well in the more price-conscious markets, for example Italy and Eastern Europe.

This complete portfolio offering has helped HONOR grow quickly in Europe. HONOR is hoping to maintain this momentum with the well-reviewed Magic5 Pro (launched in Q2 2023) and the Magic Vs (HONOR’s foldable launched in Europe).

Source: Counterpoint Research. Note: Europe data excludes Russia and Turkey.

Latin America

HONOR’s fastest growing overseas region is Latin America, where its shipments grew nearly eight-fold YoY and more than tripled compared to the previous quarter. HONOR is growing share in most of the countries in the region: it entered the top five in Colombia and Peru (where it has double-digit share) and is also seeing success in Panama and Guatemala.


HONOR identified MEA as a key growth market, especially the Middle East region which has so far weathered the macro headwinds extremely well and is one of the few growing markets in the world. It has entered top five in some key markets such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

HONOR bringing new flagships to global markets

HONOR has so far relied on its Number and X series to grow outside of China. However, it is now looking to its Magic series to help secure its position as a key player, adopting a dual flagship approach with the Magic5 Series and Magic Vs smartphones.

HONOR overseas expansionThe Magic5 Pro is HONOR’s most ambitious flagship to date and it is getting a positive reception on various review sites as well as ranking top of DXOMARK’s camera ratings when first released.

Starting at $1,200, this device is expensive, placing it in the same price bracket as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This may cause issues in markets where consumers tend to favour more affordable devices. However, it has an opportunity to gain share in the more premium markets like the UK, France, Germany and the UAE, where high-end smartphones are relatively more popular.


Honor smartphone

The Magic Vs, meanwhile, is HONOR’s second foldable smartphone, and it’s first to be launched outside China. HONOR is hoping to ride the wave of foldables growth started by Samsung’s Fold and Flip smartphones, and more recent offerings like the OPPO Find N2 Flip and the upcoming Google Pixel Fold.

Although the foldables market is still small, its growth is an industry bright spot. We expect global shipments of foldable smartphones to grow at an annual rate of just under 50% over the next five years, passing 90 million, or 6% of total smartphones, by 2027. Around three-quarters of this will be outside of China, and HONOR is banking on the Magic Vs to establish it as a key challenger to Samsung in the foldables space.

Future prospects

Developing a portfolio approach

As noted above, HONOR is using a three-pronged portfolio approach in the smartphone market with ranges that span the price bands. In key flagship segments, HONOR’s product performance is approaching that of the market leaders. And its flagship products act as heroes that help to build brand momentum that filters down to its mid- and low-end products.

HONOR is also gradually filling out its portfolio with an ecosystem of partner products including wearables, tablets, PCs and more, which will support efforts to build brand awareness.

So, what can we expect?

Counterpoint Research expects HONOR will gradually grow its overseas market position, gaining share from rivals as it achieves increasing distribution across both operator and retail channels, its product portfolio expands and its brand gains awareness.

We do not expect explosive growth, rather a steady increase in strength from which HONOR can build. And we further expect this to occur in some key countries such as UK, France and Germany, Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia, Peru , and select countries of Middle East and North Africa.

This forecast is the most likely outcome given HONOR’s current position and strategy, but it’s not pre-determined – HONOR can and likely will disrupt it through its own actions.

Feedback or a question for the analyst that wrote this note?


Jan Stryjak

Associate Director



Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in products in the TMT (technology, media and telecom) industry. It services major technology and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analyses of the mobile and technology markets. Its key analysts are seasoned experts in the high-tech industry.

Analyst Contacts

Jan Stryjak


Peter Richardson 


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Strategy Trumps Sentiment as OEMs Skip Canada for New Feature Launches

Google announced the launch of the Pixel Fold device at the Google I/O developer conference on May 10. The device features a 5.8” display when closed and a 7.6” OLED display, powered by the Google Tensor G2 chip, when opened. Google is calling the device the ‘multi-tasking master’. As the I/O developer conference left viewers with an excited buzz about a second viable player in the foldable smartphone space, Canadians were once again left in the cold. The device will be launched in the US, UK, Germany and Japan, with no indication yet of further expansion, though there are rumors of the device reaching other markets later in the year. Sounds familiar? In 2019, Samsung launched its first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, and yes, Canada was not on the list of lucky markets to receive the device.

Although it feels like Canada is once again put on the sidelines of the tech innovation fun, it is the OEMs’ strategic planning that is behind the decision to leave a mature smartphone market like Canada out of the new launch mix. The Canadian smartphone market can be summed up in two words – small and stable. Canada’s population is now 38 million, less than the population of California. This restricts the reach that companies can use to get substantial feedback for a new smartphone in the market. The country does have stable growth due to immigration, students, and work visas that cause a steady flow into the smartphone market, but this demographic is not looking to spend CA$2,000 as soon as they begin to settle in. The UK, whose population is double that of Canada, sold 50% more foldable devices than Canada in Q1 2023.

Counterpoint Research Foldable Sales US, UK and Canada
Source: Counterpoint Technology Market Research

Along with the issue of a small population, the Canadian market is not a good ground to test a device due to the retail channels and additional costs. Without a few iterations of a device to prove the durability, the trends of foldables in Canada are not as strong as in other regions. With a small population and macroeconomic headwinds weakening the Canadian dollar, the market retails devices at comparatively higher prices. This in turn has resulted in a longer holding period for devices to avoid upgrade costs for a new device. And when a device has a hardware change like a hinge that can evoke doubts over its durability, Canadians are left hesitant on shelling out the cost.

Samsung had already considered these problems in 2019. The Galaxy Z Fold was released in South Korea on September 2019, seven months after the February 2019 announcement. The limited release in Canada started in December 2019, after there was much chaos over the hinge’s durability that already had Canadians clutching their wallets with concern. After Samsung also overcame carrier certifications, marketing costs and other hoops to put a new device in the Canada market, the Galaxy Z 2 series had a smoother launch in September 2020. It was not only launched in Canada but also made available exclusively through Bell.

Along with dealing with the uncertainty over new hardware, Google also needs to partner with Canadian carriers to achieve the greatest reach in the population and make the device affordable through trade-in offers, bundle plan discounts or device-return leasing options that Canadian carriers often push.

Due to its small population, high data costs and closing of ranks between carriers, Canada is not a feasible market for OEMs to launch a ‘test’ device. One perk that Canadians can look forward to is that once these devices do reach the market, often the bugs are worked out and the user experience has already been enhanced due to initial feedback from other countries.

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Podcast #64: 2023 China Smartphone Outlook – Reading Between the Top Lines (Mandarin Edition)

As China is opening its borders and quickly getting back to business after over three years of COVID-19 lockdowns and other curbs, we recently conducted an offline customer-sharing meeting in Shenzhen. It was great to see everyone after a long time and share our insights. The developing trends and China’s premium smartphone market outlook were the most discussed topics.

The country’s smartphone market has become quite saturated. While Chinese OEMs are releasing models with newer technologies, the consumer demand for smartphone upgrades is not as strong as before. Moreover, macroeconomics is another important factor affecting consumers’ purchasing power and confidence. With such a scenario, OEMs are shifting their focus to premium devices to increase their ASPs (average selling prices).

In the latest Mandarin episode of The Counterpoint Podcast, host Rick Cui is joined by Research Analysts Archie Zhang and Shenghao Bai. In this podcast, we touch upon several topics, such as Counterpoint’s prediction for the Chinese smartphone market in 2023, the growing interest of OEMs in releasing foldable smartphones, and more. We also talk about how smartphone makers are focusing on self-developed chips and artificial intelligence (AI) among other areas of differentiation.

Click to listen to the podcast

 You can read the Chinese transcript here and the English transcript here.

Podcast Chapter Markers

01:14: Archie on Counterpoint’s prediction for China’s smartphone market.

02:49: Shenghao on the China smartphone outlook for 2023.

06:24: Archie on the rising ASPs and why OEMs are focusing on premium devices.

08:32: Archie further talks about OEMs’ growing interest in foldable smartphones.

10:40: Shenghao on Counterpoint’s China and global forecasts for foldable smartphones for 2023.

12:16: Archie weighs in on the current innovations in folding smartphones and the room for improvement in the coming generations.

16:35: Shenghao highlights some future development trends for foldable smartphones.

19:42: Almost all flagship smartphones focus big on imaging, but are there other areas for differentiation for OEMs? Shenghao answers.

22:00: Lastly, Archie also shares some insights on self-developed chips, AI, and other developments that smartphone OEMs are focusing on.

Also available for listening/download on:


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MWC 2023 Day 1: HONOR Magic5 Series Launch, OnePlus 11 Concept, and more

Day 1 of the annual MWC Barcelona is the busiest as the show floor opens to thousands of attendees and brands participating in one of the world’s biggest tech fairs. Yesterday we covered the pre-show announcements that took place at MWC 2023. Today, smartphone brands like OnePlus, HONOR, and Xiaomi showcased their concepts and new products. Below is a quick summary of the announcements:

OnePlus 11 concept smartphone, 45W Liquid Cooler, XR partnerships, and more

After globally launching the OnePlus 11 earlier this month, OnePlus showcased a concept smartphone with a new active cooling technology called Active CryoFlux. The new cooling technology will lower smartphone temperatures by up to 2.1°C, improving a game’s frame rate by 3-4fps, or by 1.6°C during charging, which slightly improves charging times. This is achieved through an industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump that runs cooling liquid through micropipes in the smartphone without significantly increasing the OnePlus 11 Concept’s weight or thickness.

counterpoint mwc 23 day 1 oneplus 11 concept phone

A new OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler was also showcased. It is a semiconductor-based thermoelectric cooler that reduces the temperature of a device by up to 20°C. Of note, OnePlus and its industry partners also presented the OnePlus 11 5G’s XR experience possibilities through ray tracing technology powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, and a Snapdragon XR2 AR Wireless Smart Viewer experience. The OnePlus 11 5G is the first Snapdragon Spaces-ready smartphone for the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer program.

HONOR Magic5 series, Magic Vs foldable launch

HONOR took the stage to announce the global launch of its premium line-up – Magic5 Pro and Magic5 – as part of the brand’s dual-flagship line-up strategy catering to two different segments. The HONOR Magic5 Pro is available in one configuration – 12GB RAM and 512GB – and will sell for €1,200, whereas the HONOR Magic5 8GB RAM with 256GB storage will be available for €900. Both devices are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, support 66W wired charging and feature a “falcon camera” system, which uses AI to select the best shot for a moving object.

counterpoint mwc 2023 day 1 honor magic5 pro magic vs announcement

HONOR also launched its first foldable device outside China – Magic Vs. This is also the first book-type foldable phone other than Samsung launched outside China. The hinge comprises only four pieces of material, compared to 92 pieces in a typical competitor offering. The folding smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC.

Foldables have become an established niche with cumulative shipments crossing the 20-million mark in 2022. At €1,599 ($1,693), the HONOR Magic Vs undercuts Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 which costs €1,800. HONOR is competing directly with Samsung here. The competition in the foldable segment will intensify in 2023.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass showcased

After launching the 13 series smartphones along with a bunch of IoT products, Xiaomi also showcased the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition at MWC. These are standalone AR glasses that can be wirelessly paired with your smartphone or other compatible devices for immersive AR experiences.

counterpoint mwc 2023 day 1 xiaomi ar glasses discovery edition

There are two MicroOLED screens with a peak brightness of up to 1200 nits per eye. The electrochromic lenses come with an immersive mode for complete immersion in the virtual space. Then, there is also a transparent mode, allowing users to see the objects in their surroundings. Xiaomi has also added three cameras to map out the surrounding world around the user. These AR glasses are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 platform and support the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform. To offer precise controls and operation, Xiaomi has also developed its own AR gesture controls with spatial detection.

Lenovo, Motorola showcase rollable display devices

Foldable smartphones are becoming a little common today as they offer both compact and big-screen experiences in one device. But foldables aren’t the only way to get a big-screen experience. Smartphone brands are also experimenting with rollable displays. OPPO showcased its rollable smartphone last year, and this year Motorola has showcased the working prototype of its rollable device called Moto Rizr.

counterpoint mwc 2023 day 1 motorola Moto rizr rollable smartphone
Credit – Lenovo

The Android prototype comes with a 5-inch, 15:9 aspect-ratio display that can roll up to offer a 6.5-inch, 22:9 aspect-ratio screen. Though the smartphone seems to be operational, the company has not mentioned anything about its intention of putting this prototype into production anytime soon. Lenovo also offered a sneak peek at a proof-of-concept laptop featuring a rollable screen that goes from 12.7 inches (4:3 aspect ratio) to 15.3 inches (8:9 aspect ratio).

counterpoint mwc 2023 day 1 lenovo rollable laptop
Credit – Lenovo

It is good to see OEMs trying out different form factors, but it will take a while before this tech becomes mainstream. How companies will address the durability and software challenges will be something to look forward to.

BeUno implants, more than health trackers

A company called Dsruptive is offering BeUno ‘implants’ that are claimed to deliver a better user experience in the health and medical industry as compared to the wearables. These capsule-like implants (or sensors) are placed inside the body to monitor body temperature, remotely monitor patients and provide personalized treatment. The solution, which has been clinically tested, gets activated via NFC and does not need any battery to operate.

counterpoint mwc 2023 day 1 beuno

There are other use cases beyond healthcare, like unlocking doors by using the implants as an electronic ticket (already started in Sweden), and using them for bio-payments. While all this seems promising, there will be some key challenges for the technology, such as mass adoption due to regulatory issues, customer acceptance, and any health-related implications due to the implants.


With inputs from Maurice Klaehne, Varun Mishra, and Anshika Jain
This is a developing post…

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OPPO Find N2 Flip looks to flip the foldable category on its head

OPPO recently hosted the global launch of its latest foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N2 Flip in London. It is no surprise that OPPO is pushing ahead with its foldable strategy, since the foldable segment is one of the few growth areas in an industry that is struggling due to the challenging macro environment. Global foldable smartphone shipments grew by just under 40% in 2022 compared to 2021, and we expect them to grow by almost 60% in 2023. Yes, this growth and the overall foldables segment is led by Samsung at the moment, but OPPO is throwing its hat in the ring as a real contender.

The N2 Flip is OPPO’s first clamshell foldable, following the book-type Find N and N2. And it is also OPPO’s first globally available foldable, since both the Find N and N2 were only launched in China. The clamshell has so far been the most popular of the foldables, as the form factor is more practical (the fold makes the phone smaller, rather than larger) and also cheaper. This is why Samsung’s Flip smartphones have outsold the Fold devices by almost two to one. OPPO has brought some interesting features to its first flip device in the hopes of being just as successful.

WATCH: OPPO Find N2 Flip: First Look

Big cover screen

The OPPO Find N2 Flip has a 3.26-inch cover screen; almost double the 1.9-inch one on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. This means it can display six notifications, not one or two, allows the toggling of nine settings, not two or three, can show a full preview of a selfie, and offer improved functionality for many apps like the weather, WhatsApp, or Spotify. The screen is impressive and is actually useful compared to the slightly gimmicky interface on the Flip4.

counterpoint oppo find n2 flip weather widget

Impressive folding technology

OPPO’s Flexion Hinge is a step up in folding technology, offering no gap and almost zero crease. When folded the phone shuts tight, protecting it from dirt (no IP rating though, which is a shame), and the curved edges feel great. And when open, the crease on the multi-layered, anti-reflection coated screen is almost imperceptible. The overall folding experience is lovely.

counterpoint oppo find n2 flip teardown

Intuitive cameras

The Find N2 Flip has a 50MP main shooter with a 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX980 sensor; the same one as on the flagship Find X5 Pro. There is also an 8MP ultrawide lens on the back, plus a 32MP selfie lens on the main screen. A proper test of the camera’s capabilities will follow soon, but initial thoughts are positive. The combination of the Hasselblad colour palette and OPPO’s own MariSilicon X NPU was impressive on the Find X5 Pro so should be a winner here.

counterpoint oppo find n2 flip back

Some mid-range hardware

Possibly in order to keep costs down, OPPO has made some compromises. The Find N2 Flip uses the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+, compared to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the Galaxy Z Flip4. Though, this is an impressive design win for MediaTek, making the Find N2 Flip the first folding smartphone powered by the company’s chipset.

counterpoint oppo find n2 flip coloros

The Find N2 Flip has a 4300mAh battery, which is an improvement over the Flip4’s 3700mAh battery, but it is only capable of 44W charging (the Find X5 Pro offers 80W), and there are no wireless charging capabilities. It does come with Android 13 and offers four years of OS updates.

Punchy price

We were only given the Find N2 Flip’s UK price, which is £849 (just over $1,000) for the 8GB/256GB version. While this undercuts the Flip4 by around £50, it is still on the expensive side.

counterpoint oppo find n2 flip flex mode


The OPPO Find N2 Flip is a solid device, and probably the nicest feeling clamshell smartphone available today. The large cover screen is an excellent addition and improves the user experience hugely, which is absolutely key at a time when consumers are still trying to figure out what foldables are for.

With such a strong all-rounder of a device, OPPO has a big chance of eating into Samsung’s foldables dominance. My only issue is the price. In the current challenging financial climate, it may be a little too far for consumers struggling with the cost of living in many countries around the world.

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