eSIM Discovery Service to Help eSIM Ecosystem, Increase Adoption

The recent launch of eSIM Discovery service integration by mobile network operators’ (MNOs’) body GSMA is good news for the eSIM ecosystem. The standardization of Discovery service is an important step towards completing the eSIM suite of services for MNOs as they can now avail customer onboarding and management solutions from one solution provider.

The number of eSIM management solutions deployed across the world has doubled in the last one year. There are more than 15 players which support GSMA’s SMDP and SMDP+ platforms. Out of these, Thales, G+D and Truphone have integrated the Discovery service into their existing suites of SMDP+ eSIM management services. These three companies are also the biggest eSIM management players. We believe the adoption of Discovery service across MNOs will see an inflection point over the next 12 months as the number of consumer IoT devices, such as smartwatches, proliferate.

What is Discovery service and why it matters?

When the consumer first switches on a device, he/she needs to connect to his/her chosen operator to access network services. The Discovery service is a digital method for profile activation which makes the process easy and enhances remote customer onboarding. GSMA eSIM Discovery matches the eSIM, using its eUICC Identifier (EID), with the owner’s purchased network operator profile. Therefore, the eSIM device is able to seamlessly acquire the eSIM profile from the correct operator.

How eSIM Discovery Service works
Source: GSMA

The Discovery service leads to a simpler consumer experience for all Consumer and Consumer IoT devices. It does away with the requirement of integration between MNOs and OEMs, thus facilitating rapid integration of device activations across all channels. A consumer can now install her/his profile on devices via auto-discovery of devices and without the need to scan a barcode, thereby enhancing in-store and out-of-store provisioning experience.

Benefits of Discovery service span across eSIM ecosystem

The benefits of Discovery service will be felt both by the customer and the value chain enabling the customer experience. With the standardization, the MNOs, eSIM solution providers and the OEMs all stand to benefit as the number of devices supporting is increasing.

Counterpoint Research The benefits of Discovery service span across the eSIM ecosystem

For the customer, it helps in smoothening the first step – entry into the eSIM ecosystem. The promise of Discovery service, i.e. fast and seamless provisioning, when fulfilled will enhance customer experience and thus reduce the friction of a new customer adopting eSIM. The improved customer experience, in turn, will help in getting more customers, thereby helping to start a growth cycle for the value chain.

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