Consumer Research on Exploring Associated Values of Smartphone Brand Among Youth (Topline Findings)


The Indonesian smartphone market is growing and most OEMs are targeting its young generation as this demographic is leading digital transformation and has a tech-savvy lifestyle.

Counterpoint Research has conducted a consumer study to ascertain how this young generation perceives smartphone brands.

This press release encapsulates how Indonesia’s young generation perceives realme when it comes to fulfilling their requirements.

This study was conducted across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of Indonesia. Qualitative in-depth interviews and quantitative surveys were the mediums used. The study was conducted among 1,000 people and spanned around three months.

Number of Pages: 1

Publishing Date: February 2024

Apple Smartwatch Consumer Study US 2023


Apple is the leading player in the US smartwatch segment as the brand’s positioning in the smartphone segment helped it establish trust among people. Also, the device ecosystem’s stickiness compliments its performance in the emerging smartwatch segment very well.

Counterpoint Research conducted a consumer study to understand Apple’s positioning in the US smartwatch market. A total of 1,010 responses were collected through the survey, reflecting the US smartwatch market based on the brand’s share.

This report highlights the reasons why Apple smartwatch users (563 responses in 1,010 responses) purchased an Apple smartwatch while highlighting the composition of Apple’s user base, usage and experience, and future preference of both current Apple users and potential buyers of an Apple smartwatch.

Table of Contents:

  • Summary
    • Executive summary
  • Apple Market and Users
    • Apple’s Position in US Smartwatch Market
    • Apple Smartwatch User Composition
    • Key Factors for Choosing Apple
  • Usage & Experience
    • Reasons for Purchasing vs Most-used Functionality
    • Apple Smartwatch User Experience
    • User Satisfaction for Different Parameters
  • Future preference
    • Reasons to Replace
    • Plan for Next Smartwatch Purchase
    • Top Reasons for Preferring Apple Smartwatch
  • Appendix
    • Demographic Split
    • Methodology

No. of pages: 17

Published Date: July 2023

Smartphone User Experience by Operating System in South Korea

The share of iOS smartphones in global smartphone shipments rose from 13% in 2019 to 21% in 2022. What perceptions do users of iOS smartphones and Android smartphones have about their smartphones? Is there a difference in perception of use experience by age group? Why are they switching to iOS smartphones and vice versa?

In this consumer survey report, we investigate the correlation between the smartphone brand the respondents’ first-time smartphone brand and current smartphone OS. In addition, we also look at cases and reasons for switching the OS of smartphones when replacing them, and their future purchases intentions.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Findings
  • First Time Experience of Smartphone Purchase
  • Current iOS Phone Users’ Smartphone Purchase Behavior
  • Current Android Phone Users’ Smartphone Purchase Behavior
  • Demographics
  • Appendix: Smartphone OS Switching Pattern by Age Group

Number of Pages: 33

Published Date: July 2023

US Smartwatch Consumer Study 2023


Counterpoint's Market Lens service performed a consumer study in the US with the objective to understand the device ownership of smartwatch users, their purchase journey, usage, experience and future preference for smartwatches. The study unveils insights around parameters like brand, model, mode of purchase, key buying factors, to understand the current choices and future preferences for smartwatches. The responses belong to a heterogeneous group categorized based on age, monthly income, gender, and occupation.

Table of Content:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Smart Device Ownership
    • Smartwatch Ownership Across Other Smart Devices
    • Current Smartwatch Ownership by Brand and Model
  • Smartwatch Purchase Journey
    • Time of Purchase
    • Brand Stickiness
    • Location of Purchase
    • Location of Purchase Preference
    • Key Buying Factors
    • Type of Payment
    • Type of Payment Plan
    • Key Reasons For Buying Current Smartwatch
  • Current Smartwatch Usage
    • How Respondents Use Their Smartwatch
  • Current Smartwatch Experience
    • Satisfaction Levels Across Current Smartwatch Users
    • Key Reasons for Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Current Smartwatch
    • Respondent Satisfaction by Smartwatch Feature
  • Future Buying Preference
    • Key Reasons For Replacing Current Smartwatch
    • Plans to Buy a New Smartwatch
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Preferred Location of Purchase
    • Future Spending Preference
    • Future Smartwatch Preferences
  • Appendix
    • Overall Demographic Split of Study
    • Methodology

Number of Pages: 36

Published Date: April 2023

Handset Consumer Study: Sub-INR 8,000 Price Segment


Counterpoint's Market Lens service conducted a consumer study to understand the handset users in Sub-INR 8K price segment (approximately $100) in India. The objective was to get a better brand-level understanding from both feature phone users and entry-level smartphone users in India. The report revolves around the user’s handset ownership, experience, opinion and preference of consumers. The responses belong to a heterogeneous group in terms of age, monthly income, gender and occupation across 23 Indian cities. The study was performed across Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with a major focus on the lower-tier cities.

Table of Content: 

  • Research Design
  • Key Takeaways
  • Handset Brand Awareness and Opinion
  • Current Handset
    • First Handset vs Current Handset Brand
    • Current Handset Ownership: Overall and By Price Band
    • Reasons for Selecting Current Handset
    • First Mobile Phone and First Smartphone
    • Experience: Overall and By Attribute (For Feature Phone and Smartphone)
    • Recommendation and Reasons for Recommendation
  • Future Preference
    • Time and Budget Preference
    • Brand Preference
    • Source of Information

Number of Pages: 23

Published Date: December 2022

Preference for eSIM Smartphones in the US


Counterpoint's Market Lens service conducted a consumer study to understand the awareness, usage, and preference for eSIM in smartphones in the US. A quantitative online survey was performed to capture responses from heterogeneous groups categorized on age, monthly income, gender, and occupation.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • eSIM Awareness and Device Usage
  • Experience and Preference of Current eSIM Users
  • Future Preference for eSIM over Physical Sim
  • Appendix
    • Overall Demographic Split of the Study
    • Research Design

Number of Pages: 8

Published Date: November 2022

Evolving Preferences of Indian Smartphone Users 2020-2022


Counterpoint's Market Lens service conducted annual consumer study on the changing trends of India's smartphone market for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. The study covers the shift in consumer choices and preferences of smartphones for the channel of purchase, smartphone budget, Information source, and brand. It also focuses on the change in smartphone brand stickiness from current smartphone to future smartphone preference across 3 years. 
The responses belong to a heterogeneous group in terms of age, gender, monthly income, and occupation.

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Current Smartphone Ownership: Path to Purchase
    1. Channel for Smartphone Purchase
      • Current Channel Preference
      • Reasons for Online vs Offline Channel Preference
      • Future Channel Preference
    2. Source of Information for Smartphone Purchase
  3. Future Smartphone Preference
    • Budget Preference
    • Brand Preference and Stickiness
  4. Appendix
    • Demographic Details
    • Research Methodology

Number of Pages: 16

Published Date: September 2022


India Smartphone Consumer Research 2022


Counterpoint's Market Lens service conducted annual consumer study on the changing trends of India's smartphone market for the year 2022. It revolves around the previous as well as current smartphone choices and purchase journey. The report further focuses on the usage and experience of the current smartphone. In addition, it also focuses on consumer preference for future smartphone purchases.
The responses belong to a heterogeneous group in terms of age, gender, monthly income, and occupation.

Table of Content:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Device Ownership of Smartphone Users
    • Smartphone Brand vs Other Smart Device Brand
    • Current Smartphone Brand vs Previous Smartphone Brand
  3. Current Smartphone – Purchase Journey
    • Time of Purchase and Channel of Purchase
    • Reasons for Choosing a Purchase Location
    • Spendings on Current Phone
    • Key Buying Factors for Current Phone
  4. Current Smartphone – Usage and Experience
    • Usage and Satisfaction Levels across Current Smartphone Users
    • Key Reasons for Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Current Phone
  5. Future Purchase Preference
    • Plans to Buy a New Phone
    • Current Phone Affinity Level
    • Top Information Sources Before Buying a Smartphone
    • Future Spending Preference
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Future Brand Preference by Price Band
    • Most Important Factors Considered for Buying Next Smartphone
    • Overview of Past vs Future Channel Preference
    • Location Preference for Future Smartphone Purchase
    • Impact of Inflation on Smartphone Purchase Decisions
    • Impact of Availability of Financial Schemes on Smartphone Purchase Decisions
    • Smartphone for Kids and Removal of Charger from Smartphone Box
  6. Appendix
    • Demographic Details
    • Research Methodology

Number of Pages: 34

Published Date: September 2022

About Half of Korean Smartwatch Users Use Health Monitoring Features Daily


in Q3 2021, the global smartwatch market grew 16% YoY reaching 30.2 millions of quarterly shipments. It was higher than the forecast numbers we expected in the previous quarter and we believe that the market will continue to achieve double-digit growth every year in the next few years.

As the market expands, more people are interested in smartwatches, so it will be interesting to know the perceptions of smartwatch users at this time.

The survey was conducted in October 2021 with 400 Korean smartwatch users. We also published a similar consumer research report a year ago, so it would be nice to see a comparison.

Table of Contents:

  • Survey Demographics
  • Korea Smartwatch and Smartphone Market
  • Key Findings
  • Past Purchase
    • Purchase history
    • Place of Past Purchase
    • Spend on Current Smartwatch
    • Buying Motivations
  • User Satisfaction
    • Current Smartwatch Satisfaction Level
    • Areas of Satisfaction
    • Areas of Dissatisfaction
  • Close Look ad Health Monitoring Features
  • Future Purchase Intentions
    • Future Purchase Timing
    • Purchase Channel Preference
    • Future Purchase Spending
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Most Important Factors in Next Smartwatch Purchase Decision
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 27

Published Date: January 2022

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