Global XR (AR & VR Headsets) Market Forecast, January 2024 Update


This report covers the forecast of Extended Reality (XR: AR & VR Headsets) market by shipment and revenue for the period of 2016 to 2027. The report divides the market by top (nearly 25) brands, augmented and virtual reality device types and tethered and standalone form factors for each device type. The report also gives a flavour of the market based on geography and user type.

Data: Brand-level shipments of XR headsets by device type and form factor including wholesale price.

Time Period: 2016 – 2027

Publication Date: January 2024

XR (AR &VR Headsets) Quarterly Model Tracker: Q1 2020 – Q3 2023


This is a comprehensive database of Extended Reality (XR) headset model level shipments by quarter including retail price and 30+ specifications and features. It covers tethered as well as standalone Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headset models. We are tracking 40+ XR brands and 100+ headset models by memory variants.

  • Time period: Q1 2020 to Q3 2023 with quarterly granularity
  • By brand (40+) and models (100+)
  • By region: Global
  • Specification and prices (35+)
    • Price bands
    • Chipsets Company
    • Chipset Models
    • Display Size
    • Display Type
    • Internal memory
    • RAM
    • Wi-Fi Type
    • FOV
    • 26+ other specifications

Publication Date: December 2023

Global TWS Market Forecast 2023-2026_Dec 2023


The TWS market’s sales volume will increase by 1% YoY in 2023, but its revenue will decrease by 7% YoY. We expect the TWS market to keep growing till 2026 when the smartphone attach rate will reach 35%, while the average lifespan of a TWS device before replacement will be 1.5-1.8 years. We have revised the growth rates for the coming years from the previous forecast, backed by a slower recovery of consumer sentiment, low growth of Tier 1 brands and lack of innovation.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Assumptions
  • by Region
  • by Brand
  • Analyst contacts

Published Date: December 2023

Smartwatch Shipment Forecast by Brand Region (2023November Update)


Global smartwatch shipments experienced a 9% YoY increase in Q3 2023, building on the gains from the previous quarter. The growth in the quarter seems to be primarily driven by the surge of the Indian market which has been consistently expanding, the Chinese market boosted by Huawei’s robust performance, and Apple’s new launch of Series 9 and Ultra 2.

By region, NAM is expected to perform weakly in 2023 with Apple’s sluggish performance, while China is expected to manage flat growth due to active volume push by OEMs such as Huawei and imoo supported by re-opening in China. Despite some inventory accumulation in the market, Indian OEMs are still aggressive in smartwatch shipments, which is expected to continue the high annual growth of the Indian market in 2023. The European market, which was affected by the Ukraine war, will still need more time to turn to growth, and demand from LATAM and MEA is expected to rebound from 2023.

This Excel report provides the smartwatch shipment forecast by key brand and region until 2026 including its ASP.

Published Date: November 2023

Global HLOS Smartwatch Shipment Forecast (2023 November update)


The global smartwatch market has been witnessing sluggish growth since late 2022 due to macroeconomic headwinds and geopolitical conflicts. Meanwhile, the aggressive product shipments of Indian local brands such as Fire Boltt and Noise, based on young demand groups, provided impetus for the overall market to continue to grow. However, at the same time, this also resulted in a decrease in the proportion of High-level OS (HLOS) smartwatches.
Nevertheless, Counterpoint expects the share of HLOS-powered smartwatches, which can support the advanced features such as better health monitoring, deliberate fitness tracking, and 3rd party app supporting to grow steadily in future.
This Excel report provides shipment forecast for smartwatches running High Level OS by brand and OS until 2027.

Published Date: November 2023

Global TWS Hearables Market Tracker and Analysis: Q3 2023


Global TWS sales decreased by 3% YoY in Q3 2023 to reach 81 million units, and revenue declined a lot YoY. Apple and Samsung will not release new models in H2 2023 due to which growth in the $100 and above TWS market will be sluggish in the absence of new features and models. The sub-$100 segment’s share increased by 8% YoY, and the segment occupies the highest share, accounting for the highest share since 2021. Growth in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the India TWS market, contributed in widening the gap between the sub-$100 segment and the $100 and above segment.

Excel report – Table of Contents:

  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Model

PDF report – Table of Contents: 

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global Top 10 Hit Models
  • Brand Share by Price Band
  • Major Region Landscape – North America/Europe/China/Asia Pacific
  • Q3 2023 Highlights

Number of Pages: 14

Published Date: November 2023

Global Smartwatch Market Analysis Q3 2023


Global smartwatch shipments increased 9% YoY in Q3 2023, building on the gains from the previous quarter. The Q3 2023 growth was primarily driven by the surge in the Indian market, which has been consistently expanding, and the Chinese market, boosted by Huawei’s robust performance. Samsung and Apple launched new products in Q3 2023 which helped the HLOS smartwatch market grow 23% QoQ during the quarter, with a notable 9% YoY expansion driven by Huawei’s impressive performance. The dominance of HLOS smartwatches is evident in all regions except India. On the other hand, with the robust growth in the Indian market, the Basic Smartwatch market also experienced a significant 16% YoY expansion.

Table of Contents:

  • Smartwatch Shipments Trends
    • By Device Type
    • By OEM
    • By Region
    • By Price Band
  • Smartwatch Spec Analysis
    • Operating System
    • Chipset
    • Display Type
  • Major OEM Trends
    • Apple
    • Samsung
  • Market Intelligence Tracker

Number of Pages: 26

Published Date: November 2023

Global Smartwatch Shipments by Model Quarterly Tracker, Q1 2018-Q3 2023


  • The global smartwatch market increased by 8% YoY reaching the highest third-quarter performance.
  • The expansiong was mainly driven by Apple and Huawei, both introducing new models to boost their shipments. In contrast, Samsung observed a 19% YoY decline, despite the launch of the Galaxy Watch 6 series.
  • By region, India and China spearheaded global gains, compensating for declines in North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia.

Table of Contents:

  • Definition
  • Pivot Table
  • Flat file:
    • Model
    • Shipment
    • Wholesale ASP
    • Retail ASP
    • Wholesale Price band
    • Retail Price band
    • Revenue (In million)
    • Connectivity: Tech, SIM type
    • Operating System
    • CPU/MPU
    • Chipset Company
    • Chipset Model
    • GPS
    • WIFI
    • Bluetooth
    • NFC
    • RAM Capacity (MB)
    • Internal Memory (GB)
    • Battery Capacity (mAh)
    • Display Type
    • Display Size
    • Display Form Factor
    • Pixel Density
    • Touch Screen Type
    • Gyroscope
    • Accelerometer
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Ambient
    • Activity Tracking
    • Device Compatibility
    • Social Media Compatibility

Published Date: November 2023

ByteDance Scales Back XR Investment with Significant Pico Layoffs


ByteDance’s Virtual Reality (VR) arm PICO has publicly confirmed plans to lay off 23% of its workforce, or about 300 employees, after it released an internal notice on November 7, 2023, announcing layoffs and an organizational restructuring. As part of the restructuring, PICO will retain the core hardware R&D team comprising about 500 engineers. The Mobile OS team will be separated from PICO and merged into ByteDance’s middleware platform due to which the team will be excluded from the layoff count. Meanwhile, other PICO departments such as Sales, Marketing, and Content Center are likely to face significant reductions. Consequently, the number of employees leaving PICO will likely surpass the publicly announced 23%. PICO reiterates that the layoffs and restructuring are not a sign of giving up on the XR business, but rather a necessary step to focus on core technologies for sustainable development in the sector.

In this report, we will analyze the factors influencing PICO’s decision and provide a forecast for its near-term development.

Table of Contents:

  • Background
  • Analysis of Factors Contributing to PICO’s Decision
  • Forecast of the Near-term Development

Number of Pages: 9

Published Date: November 2023

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