Vietnam 2023 Smartphone Market Falls, Apple Boosts Premium Segment


The Vietnam smartphone market declined in 2023 but is on the path of recovery backed by government initiatives to boost the troubled economy. This report details the impact of poor macroeconomic conditions on different price bands. It also details how the premium smartphone market performed with Apple taking significant strides in Vietnam. This report explores the reason why Apple was able to capture an increased share of the Vietnam smartphone premium market in 2023. It underlines the performance of the latest as well as the old iPhone models series in Apple’s portfolio.

This report is useful for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of Vietnam smartphone market and how Apple performed in the emerging market like Vietnam.

 Table of Contents:

  • Vietnam economy and smartphone market overview
  • Premium smartphone segment analysis
  • Apple’s share in premium smartphone segment
  • iPhone 14 series vs iPhone 15 series shipments in Q4 2022 and Q4 2023.
  • Performance of key iPhone models
  • Outlook of Vietnam smartphone market in 2024

Publishing Date: March 2024

A Declining Southeast Asia Smartphone Market witnesses a higher 5G Potential: 2023


Southeast Asia smartphone shipment volumes declined in 2023. While the overall volumes show a dip, there were interesting dynamics to observe on a price range level and the adoption of 5G in the key countries of this region. This report details how the region has faired as a whole and how the year has seen a trend of improvement as it reached the last quarter. It underlines the reasons behind the growth for some brands and the decline for others. This report also delves further into how 5G is being assimilated across price ranges and how consumer sentiment works towards 5G.

This report is useful to anyone who wants to understand how smartphone dynamics are changing in this high growth region.

Table of contentsBase data

  • Region smartphone shipment trend: 2022 and 2023
  • Key brand analysis
  • Brand share trend
  • Price range analysis
  • Brand analysis within price ranges
  • 5G and its potential
  • The budget segment and 5G
  • Going forward.

No. of pages: 4

Publishing Date: March 2024

Thailand Smartphone Market, 2023 Report


In 2023, the growth of smartphone shipments in Thailand remained relatively stable. This report focuses on how the Thailand smartphone market dynamics changed throughout the year, highlighting the significant influence of the country’s economic and political conditions on the overall market. The report explores the key strategies adopted by various brands and their performance across different price range. Additionally, the report analyses trends in smartphone pricing segments and the evolving preferences of consumers within these segments. The increasing demand of 5G in the low-end price segment is further covered along with the going forward prospects.

Table of contents:

  • Smartphone market overview, 2023
  • Key brand analysis
  • Price range analysis
  • 5G segment and key performers
  • 2024 outlook

No. of pages: 7

Published Date: February 2024

Indonesia Smartphone Market – Top Trends in 2024


The Indonesian smartphone market is expected to bounce back in 2024 with entry-level smartphones driving this growth. There will be improvements in smartphone features and specifications that will continue to increase in 2024. In addition, the growth of the digital economy supports internet and smartphone penetration.

Table of Contents:

  1. Indonesia Smartphone shipment trend 2019-2024F
  2. Entry-level (<$200) smartphones growth
  3. The improvement of smartphone specifications and features
  4. 5G smartphones and 5G network expansion
  5. Indonesia’s digital economy
  6. Retail

Number of Pages: 4

Publishing date: February 2024

Emerging Asia Monthly Smartphone Tracker for 2023


This is an emerging Asia monthly smartphone shipment tracker for 2023. This is a model-level report. It is collectively split into Southeast and Southwest Asia.

This brand and model-level smartphone shipment tracker gives volumes on a monthly level. It tracks older models as well as newly launched model families every month. Apart from shipment volumes, this tracker also lists, prices and specifications on a model level.

This tracker is useful for anyone who wants to understand the trend of smartphone shipments in Southeast and Southwest Asia (collectively) and on a model level.

Table of contentsBase data

  • Brand. Model and variant-level smartphone shipments
  • Average wholesale and retail pricing and price band information
  • Detailed specifications covering the following key categories:
    • Network
    • Body
    • Display
    • Operating system
    • Other platform details
    • Memory
    • Camera module
    • Sound
    • Communications
    • Sensors
    • Battery

Publishing Date: January 2024

Indonesia Smartphone Shipment Report, Q3 2023


The report was presented at the Indonesia Gadget Award 2023 event in November which briefly talked about Indonesia’s smartphone shipment, new smartphone launches and trends in smartphone features and specifications in Q3 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaway
  • Indonesia Smartphone Shipment
  • New Model launches
  • Smartphone Shipment by Price Band
  • Brand-wise Smartphone Shipments
  • 5G Smartphone Shipment
  • Smartphones With NFC Feature
  • Key Specifications and Features
  • Market Outlook, Q4 2023

Number of Pages: 13 pages

Published Date: January 2024

The Philippines Smartphones Market Report: December 2023


This is a smartphone report covering the Philippines for Q3 2023. This is one of the key markets in the region and has gone through some big changes in the last few quarters. Consumer sentiment is affecting shipments in the country even as the country revives from macroeconomic limitations. This report goes deeper into total volume shipments, and brand and model-family level details. Apart from 5G share, it also details how smartphones price ranges are behaving in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Table of contentsBase data

  • Philippines Overview
  • Philippines Smartphone Shipments by:
    • Total shipments
    • Brand level
    • Price ranges
  • 5G Penetration
  • 5G by Price ranges
  • Brand Promotions

No. of pages: 13

Publishing Date: December 2023

Southeast Asia Smartphone New Launches Report, Q3 2023


This is a Southeast Asia report which focuses on new smartphone launches, their volumes, and the 5G share which are all showing a changing trend in Q3 2023 compared to last year. It details YoY launch strategies used by smartphone OEMs in the quarter and the volumes that have been shipped. The increasing share of 5G smartphones has been detailed here as well. This report covers the key Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It is an original report that is a part of Counterpoint Research’s Southeast Asia Monthly Smartphone Tracker.

Table of contents: Base data

  • New smartphone launches vs shipments
  • New launches by price band
  • New launch shipments by price band
  • OEM split of new launches
  • OEM split of new launch shipments
  • Brand-wise details on new launches
  • New 5G smartphone launches
  • New 5G smartphone launch shipments
  • Way forward.

Number of Pages: 6

Published Date: December 2023

Korea Smartphone Market ASP Analysis


The ASP trend in the South Korean smartphone market deviates somewhat from the global trend of sustained growth. After experiencing a significant increase in ASP in 2019, the growth rate in the country’s smartphone market has been relatively low. 

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Stagnant ASP Trend in South Korean Smartphone Market
  • Samsung Experiencing a Decline in ASP
  • Apple is Taking Over Samsung’s Ultra-Premium (over $1,000) Smartphone Market Share
  • Best-selling Models Reflect South Korean ASP Trend
  • Solid Demand for Low- to Mid-priced Smartphones is Causing ASP Stagnation
  • Slowing Growth of Samsung Premium Smartphones Another Factor for Sluggish ASP
  • Global and Major Developed Countries Show Steady ASP Growth
  • Samsung’s Polarization Hinders the Rise in South Korean Smartphone ASP

Number of Pages: 11

Published Date: December 2023

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