Whitepaper: Technology Convergence Clicks in Smartphone Cameras


Camera is now at the heart of smartphone innovations. It is also the most commonly used feature for smartphone users. Keeping this in mind, smartphone makers in collaboration with the camera ecosystem have been striving to level up the mobile photography performance with breakthroughs in both hardware specifications and AI-backed software and algorithm development. The fusion of camera and AI is becoming an important trend, enabling a more advanced and differentiated experience. This trend will further strengthen thanks to the ever-increasing AI computing power in smartphones.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Section 1: Camera Function Advances in Smartphones
  • Section 2: Enhancing Mobile Photography and Videography Experiences with AI
  • Section 3: AI and Big Data Power Personalized, Contextual Experience
  • Section 4: Conclusion

Number of Pages: 31
Author: Ethan Qi, Ritesh Bendre and Minsoo Kang

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