VR MR AR Headset Industries Outlook 2017

In this report, we have analyzed the technologies and applications of virtual, augmented and mixed reality headset. Overview: VR, AR, MR have been hot terms in tech circles, but what is the reality behind the hype and how is the field likely to develop in coming years? This report summarizes the current state of the mixed/augmented reality headset industry and establishes strategic assumptions for the years to come.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Strategic assumptions
  • Virtual reality is struggling for traction
  • Augmented reality headsets are delivering enterprise value early
  • Mixed reality seamlessly places virtual objects into physical reality
  • Headset system architecture
  • Key technologies and challenges
  • Application areas
  • The platform game

Number of Sheets: 21 (Full reports are available for clients at our portal)
Author: Jarno Pelkonen (info@counterpointresearch.com)
Published Date: March 2017