Users Spending Hours on Their Smartphone, But They’re Using Them Like a PC, Not a Phone

Nearly half of smartphone users report spending more than five hours a day on their phone, with one in four reporting more than seven hours per day. But rather than making calls all day, smartphone users are primally using them as mobile PCs —browsing the web and playing games.

Global Smartphone use

report by Counterpoint Research noted a variety of behavior patterns emerging from how users describe their phone use. One of the most solid takeaways is that “smartphones” aren’t primarily being used as phones.

In fact, the most dedicated users were described as “mostly running businesses on their phones or consuming digital content for long hours.”

The survey noted that 64 percent of users reported using their phones daily to access websites, while 62 percent reported playing games. But just 56 percent cited “making phone calls” as a primary use case of their devices. Another 54 percent cited text messaging.

While these usage figures are self-reported by users, rather than being actual analytics data collected scientifically, the results mirror several shifts in the mobile industry that have occurred since Apple entered with the iPhone in 2007.

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