Unleash the Power of iSIM for Micro-mobility Applications

Micro-mobility is an emerging market for cellular LPWAN applications. Representing small, lightweight connected vehicles in urban environments, e-bikes, e-scooters, and shared bicycle fleets need reliable connectivity, be tamper-proof and secure, and conserve battery power. The integrated SIM or iSIM technology has the potential to address these pressing challenges to support this rapidly expanding market.

This webinar will illustrate the advantages of iSIM for micro-mobility through different stakeholders in the ecosystem. We will explore how Sony, Kigen, and FloLIVE collaborate to supply out-of-the-box connectivity and extended coverage capabilities with robust, scalable security that is also applicable anywhere you need to manage fleets.

RSVP today to secure your spot at this event. A live QnA session will follow the expert panel discussion. This is a must-attend event for enterprises with large mobile fleets, micro-mobility manufacturers, and all actors needing real-time visibility across the smart city sector. Please submit your questions for the panel ahead to webinars@counterpointresearch.com in advance.

Host and speakers:

Neil Shah 

Vice President,


Loic Bonvarlet

Vice President,

Product and Marketing

Igor Tovberg


Product Marketing

Rony Cohen

Co-founder & Head of

Business Development

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