Thales, G+D, IDEMIA Lead 2022 Global eSIM Provisioning Landscape

  • Truphone, WORKZ, Oasis Smart SIM, VALID, and Kigen are referred to as specialists while Eastcompeace, Invigo, RedTea Mobile, Nordic eSIM, TEAL, 10T Tech, Wuhan Tianyu, and NOKIA are considered as dark horses moving quickly to gain mind and market share.
  • eSIM Adoption has accelerated, and more than 260 MNOs/MVNOs support eSIM now. Sensing demand, the number of GSMA-certified RSP platform providers has also now increased to 25+.

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February 24, 2023

Thales, G+D and IDEMIA emerged as leaders in the Global eSIM Provisioning landscape, according to the 2022 edition of Counterpoint Research’s eSIM CORE (COmpetitive, Ranking, and Evaluation) report, maintaining their positions from the previous year.

Commenting on the Global eSIM Provisioning landscape and the overall ecosystemSenior Research Analyst Ankit Malhotra highlighted, “2022 was a landmark year for the Global eSIM ecosystem. More than 260 MNOs/MVNOs now support eSIM and the average device support by carriers is also more than 30. The operators are also taking eSIM more seriously and enthusiastically than before, eSIM is no longer just a tick on the checklist but is now being seen as an essential component in the digital revolution. Of course, with the increase in eSIM adoption, there is an increase in the number of GSMA-certified RSP platform suppliers as well – More than 25 players with their unique specialties, capabilities, strengths, innovations, and business models now operate in the eSIM provisioning landscape. They are supplementing their offerings by garnering partnerships with an increased focus on geo-redundancy, interoperability, and reliability.”

It has become even more important to better understand the positioning, capabilities, and completeness of the 25+ Global eSIM Provisioning players. We have analyzed and evaluated key companies in the eSIM value chain using our proprietary CORE framework, which ranks active players according to their capabilities and success in the ecosystem. The evaluation spans a broad range of criteria such as certification, security, Deployment model, and success in the ecosystem. To further understand the ecosystem in detail, we have divided our eSIM Management Scorecard from the 2021 edition into two parts this year – eSIM Provisioning and eSIM Orchestration, each diving deep into 2 essential parts of the value chain.

Counterpoint CORE Scorecard - eSIM Provisioning Landscape, 2022


Source: eSIM CORE (COmpetitive, Ranking, and Evaluation) Scorecard and Analysis, February 2023

Commenting on the research findings, Research Vice President Neil Shah said, “Thales continues to lead the Global eSIM Provisioning CORE Scorecard. It has been leading the scorecard for the last 3 years. Thales is the only player in the market with more than 300 subscription management platforms deployed across the world and has a strong reputation across operators, CSPs, and OEMs. Thales led the scoring in various parameters such as compliance, security, and deployments.”

Shah added, “G+D is a very close second in our rankings, also scoring well across most of the parameters. G+D recently announced it has crossed the 100 million consumer profile downloads milestone. G+D has enhanced its capabilities by acquiring Pod group and proudly boasts of near-perfect reliability.”

IDEMIA, which stands third has built a strong platform. IDEMIA scored excellently across different parameters such as security, tech contribution, geographical reach, and partnerships. IDEMIA has achieved significant success in the ecosystem and is one of the only 3 players who have deployed more than 200 platforms worldwide.”

Truphone, who is ranked fourth is a fit challenger and a potential future leader through its digital-first approach. Truphone has carved out a unique place of its own through its end-to-end platform and its efforts to accelerate eSIM adoption. Under new ownership, they are poised to grow further in 2023. WORKZ is one of the fastest-growing players in the ecosystem. They scored excellently in Compliance, Security, Interoperability, and time to market. Workz’s MESH system still stands out as an important innovation. Oasis Smart SIM, who enjoyed a great year are referred to as challengers. An eSIM-first company, it was the fastest-growing player considering the number of platform deployments among the top 10 players. VALID, which follows Oasis, scored very well in security and time to market. Its “Interoperability as a service” is a much-needed initiative worth appreciating. Kigen who were referred to as dark horses in the 2021 edition is now marked as a specialist. Kigen, who enjoyed a great year has consolidated its position as an IoT eSIM specialist, as well as making strides in the consumer domain as well as augmenting the cause of iSIM.”

Malhotra continued, “Eastcompeace, Invigo, RedTea Mobile, Nordic eSIM, TEAL, 10T Tech, Wuhan Tianyu, and NOKIA are considered dark horses. Eastcompeace has grown steadily improving its capabilities. RedTea Mobile have climbed one rank this year are emerging as a global player with their offerings for operators and consumers. 10T Tech, a consumer eSIM specialist is an agile player moving fast, it is one of the top 5 players in the number of platforms deployed. NOKIA is a new entrant into this market but has quickly made an impact by leveraging its expertise and relationships in the connectivity space. NOKIA has integrated eSIM with its existing products seamlessly and has approached the market with a fresh approach bringing iSIM securely connect to the market as a SaaS Model. These players are moving quickly to gain mind and market share.”

The comprehensive and in-depth report on “eSIM Ecosystem – Opportunities, Trends, Evaluation, Analysis and Outlook” will be available soon – please contact Counterpoint Research to discuss how to gain access to the report.


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