Get insights that help with your operational and strategic decisions. We provide detailed information and analysis based on a mix of accurate actual data and rational forecasts so you can neutralize threats and take advantage of future opportunities.

Key features

  • Sales data by volume and value, by vendor, by sector, by model
  • OEM/brand performance
  • Price analysis
  • Country and region coverage including the US
  • Channel analysis for key markets
  • Specification analysis
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What our clients get from our service

  • Detailed timely analysis of the mobile devices market
  • Core metrics enable a clear understanding of market dynamics
  • Commentary helps see deeper, so you can grasp the key drivers of change

Our main Mobile Devices Services are:

What is Market Pulse?

Monthly report providing timely analysis of the sell-in and sell-through size of global mobile handsets including major events in the industry and changes noteworthy to market participants.

Key questions answered by Market Pulse

  • Who are the key players and what is their market share position?
  • How fast are markets changing?
  • What are the key hardware specifications at different price points?
  • Which markets are growing and which are stagnating?
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Features of Market Pulse & Benefits

Sell-in and sell-through dynamics

Be alerted to growing inventory issues as well as opportunities to ramp sell-in

Market share analysis

Understand who the key players are and how their positions are changing

Specification analysis

Understand how features and enablers diffuse through price bands – critical for portfolio planning

Event analysis

Get the inside track on key industry developments with genuine insights

Key product analysis

Develop understanding of key success factors in a dynamic industry

Understand the fast moving market for mobile devices

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Quarterly Trackers

Quarterly report series providing detailed analysis of the vendor activity and performance, measuring both volume and revenue by major region and key countries (30+) and top 75 vendors.

Key questions answered by Quarterly Trackers

  • How big are key country and regional markets?
  • How many units is each brand shipping and in which markets?
  • How fast is market share changing?
  • What share does each air interface technology have and how fast has this changed?
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Features of Quarterly Trackers & Benefits

Sell-in volume and value

Understand your competitors/customers/suppliers market position and how it is changing to ensure you always have the best approach

Country and region analysis

Adopt the best geographic approach in go-to-market decisions

Technology analysis

Prioritize R&D investment decisions based on a clear understanding of which technologies are hot and which are not

Average selling price analysis

Understand which players generate the most value and why

Authoritative analysis on market position and development

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Mobile Device Forecasts

Quarterly report series providing forecasts based on the performance of key vendors. Regional and revenue data provided for major vendors and countries broken out to significant levels of detail. Annual updates of Long Term TAM forecast providing detailed analysis across countries, technologies and price bands.

Key questions answered by Mobile device forecasts

  • How fast will the market grow and in what areas?
  • Where will the key revenue pockets be in future?
  • Who will be the winners and losers?
  • Which technologies are growing fastest and where?
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Features of Mobile Device Forecasts & Benefits

Five year volume and value forecast across 100+ markets

Understand the future market size and value
See which are markets are growing and which are flat

Price band forecasts

Plan portfolios according to a clear understanding of which segments will be most popular

Six-quarter vendor share forecasts

Successfully plan attack and defence strategies to win new business or look after existing business

Clear assumptions

Adopt Counterpoint assumptions or develop your own to disrupt the market’s development

Key handset forecasts

Understand which models will be strong and why

Market OutlookAn essential planning tool

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What is the Model Tracker

Quarterly Excel database extracted from the 3000+ hit handset models by vendor, price (trade price), key hardware specifications collected from distributors across the world

Key questions answered by Model Tracker

  • Which are the best selling handsets across multiple markets including the USA?
  • What are the pricing sweet spots?
  • How do key players’ product sales change on a month by month basis?
  • What are the wholesale prices of key handsets?
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Features of the Model Tracker & Benefits

Model level sell-through sales tracking

Evaluate the sales impact and return on investment of your sales and marketing activities

Pricing analysis

Valuable insights to help drive product planning, media promotions, pricing, SKU management and marketing mix

Specification analysis

Shape your portfolio planning by seeing how features and enablers diffuse through price bands

Uniquely cost-effective solution to understanding mobile handset sales

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