• As the connected devices markets mature, it increasingly becomes a zero sum game. Market actors must fight for every point of market share in a race to consolidate.
  • Achieving sustainable competitive advantage will rely on mastering softer factors.
  • Maximizing revenue and profit from each product line.
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Key questions answered

  • How big are key country and regional markets?
  • How many units is each brand shipping and in which markets?
  • How fast is market share changing?
  • What share does each air interface technology have and how fast has this changed?

Features of Market Monitor & Benefits

Sell-in volume and value

Understand your competitors/customers/suppliers market position and how it is changing to ensure you always have the best approach

Country and region analysis

Adopt the best geographic approach in go-to-market decisions

Technology analysis

Prioritize R&D investment decisions based on a clear understanding of which technologies are hot and which are not

Average selling price analysis

Understand which players generate the most value and why

Authoritative analysis on market position and development

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