Samsung Smartphones Rebound in July-August, Widen Gap With Other Brands

• After losing its crown in April, Samsung has rebuilt its market share.
• The company has also recaptured the top spot in India.

Seoul, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Beijing, London, Buenos Aires, San Diego – October 16, 2020

Samsung took the top spot in the global smartphone market in August, accounting for 22% of the market share according to Counterpoint’s latest Monthly Market Pulse report. In April, Samsung lost the top spot to Huawei due to sharp declines in its major markets of India and Europe. But in July and August, Samsung rebounded as India recovered from a nationwide lockdown. Samsung has now reached its highest market share in India since 2018 by adopting an aggressive online channel strategy to benefit from opportunities arising due to anti-China sentiments in the country.

Samsung is widening the gap with market No. 2 Huawei. After achieving its highest global share of 21% in April, Huawei’s market share is expected to fall further in the future due to US trade sanctions.

Global Smartphone Monthly Market Share (Apr 2020 vs Aug 2020)

Samsung Smartphones Rebound in July-August: Global Smartphone Monthly Market Share Apr 2020 vs Aug 2020
Source: Counterpoint Monthly Market Pulse

Apple has managed to maintain its share well in the off-season period. With the October 13 launch of the new iPhone 12 series, we expect sales to rise but only in November as the launch is later than previous years. The long lifecycle of iPhone 11 series and successful new iPhone SE will help Apple bridge the gap till then.

Xiaomi is showing a significant increase in its market share, especially in markets where Huawei used to have strong presence, such as Central Eastern Europe.

Research Analyst Minsoo Kang said, “Geopolitical policies and political affairs among nations are affecting the smartphone market in many ways. There will be heightened marketing activity to seize opportunities in these regions and segments. As a result, the concentration of top players in the smartphone market will be much stronger. We see players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and OPPO benefiting the most.”


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