Sales Representative, Korea

Job Description

Counterpoint is a fast-growing global industry analysis firm, and has built its reputation as a trusted adviser to blue-chip clients in the high-tech industry. We are looking for sales representative to join our growing Korea team.

Our smartphone research team is the largest in the industry and supports smartphone and consumer electronics brands, component players, mobile operators, other value chain participants as well as financial institutions.

The main focus of this role is to manage and participate in B2B sales of smartphone research and analyst services offered by our research team. You will focus on maintaining working relationships with our existing customers and identify potential sales opportunities by actively making use of diverse marketing resources.


  • B2B sales marketing of smartphone research and analysis/consulting services.
  • B2B sales marketing of company products on the IT Tech industry, especially regarding semiconductors, hearables, and smartwatches.
  • Identifying prospects, conducting presentation of products and services based on in-depth knowledge and understanding.
  • Utilizing effective marketing sources, especially online sources such as LinkedIn etc.
  • Interacting with existing clients to nurture client relationships and fulfill consumer needs.

Minimum Requirements

  • University graduate, advanced degree/certificate will be a plus
  • Entry level or 3+ years in B2B sales field
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • TOEIC score of minimum 700 is required
  • A valid driver’s license and driving experience

Preferred Requirements

  • Relevant work experience in IT, technology related sectors as a professional sales representative
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team player in a multicultural and entrepreneurial environment.

Core Values and Principles

  • You are optimistic and can contribute to an enthusiastic and positive work environment.
  • You have effective leadership skills and responsibility.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • You are open to changes at work.
  • You can challenge yourself to manage creative tasks.
  • You focus more on the process than the outcome.

Location: Anywhere in India

How to Apply:

  •  Apply via the link
  • We will receive applications until we finish hiring.


국내영업_세일즈 컨설턴트 채용

글로벌 리서치기업 카운터포인트의 성장을 함께 이끌어 갈 세일즈 컨설턴트를 기다립니다.



국내영업_사원 또는 대리



– 스마트폰 시장조사/컨설팅서비스 B2B 영업

– 반도체, Hearable, Smartwatch 등 IT Tech 시장조사/컨설팅서비스 B2B영업

– 주요 고객사 발굴 및 서비스 소개

– 기존 고객 관리



– 학력: 대졸 이상

– 경력: 신입/경력 3년 이상

– MS office 사용 가능자

– TOEIC 700점 이상

– 운전 가능자



– IT 및 Tech 관련 경력자 및 전문 서비스 영업 경력자 우대



– 영어시험 점수 기재 필수(유효기간 지난 내역도 상관없음)



– 근무형태 : 정규직 (수습 기간 有)

– 근무지 : 서울 강남구

– 근무요일 : 주5일

– 근무시간 : 09시 00분 ~ 18시 00분

– 급여 : 연봉 (면접 후 결정)


서류전형 – 전화면접 – 1차 면접 – 2차 면접


[접수기간 및 방법]

– 접수기간 :  자사 채용 사이트에서 지원(국문 이력서, 국문 자기소개서 첨부)

– 입사지원 서류에 허위사실이 발견될 경우, 채용확정 이후라도 채용이 취소될 수 있습니다.