Insights Into the Tablet Market Trend, 2024


  • After a surge in demand for tablets during the COVID-19 pandemic due to work/stay-at-home measures, these devices have now become more commonplace in our device ecosystems.
  • Despite the weaker growth that followed with factors like economic uncertainty and supply chain issues, recent developments point towards more optimism.
  • This report aims to quantify and analyze the current tablet market while highlighting several key points of interest and developments that will take place in the tablet market going forward.

Number of Pages: 21

Published Date: April 2024

PC Market Trends – Embracing the First Wave of AI PC


AI PCs have been in the spotlight since the second half of 2023, and PC vendors viewed it as a major growth driver and a hot topic in the market in the following years.

This report presents a first overview of global PC market and the emerging AI PC momentum in the upcoming years, including a thorough market definition for AI PCs and what we can expect from AI PCs. The report begins from Generative AI development and the recent updates and forecasts of AI laptops.

Table of Contents:

  • Global PC Market Updates
  • Global PC market and YoY shipment growth
  • Global laptop market and YoY shipment growth
  • Global PC brand ranking changes
  • AI PC Targeting the Future
  • Generative AI Landscape
  • AI PC definition
  • AI PC penetration rate
  • AI PC processor vendors’ product roadmap
  • Analysis on AI laptop
  • AI laptop ASP change
  • AI laptop shipment and penetration rate trend
  • AI laptop to have significant impacts on Arm laptop
  • Appendix

Number of Pages: 20

Published Date: 16 April 2024

Huawei Kirin 9000s Chip-level Teardown Analysis


This report offers a detailed teardown analysis of the Huawei Kirin 9000s chipset, which powers the Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone released in August 2023. It delves into the physical characteristics, architectural details, and performance capabilities of the chipset and speculates on the manufacturing process and the entities involved in its fabrication.

Table of Contents:

  • Huawei Mate 60 Pro Key Specifications
  • Kirin 9000s Analysis – Summary Table
  • OM Image Analysis
  • XRay Image Analysis
  • Top View Analysis
  • DB-FIB Profile and Metal/CNT Size
  • Die Shot Layout Analysis
  • Summary and Implication

Number of Pages: 25

Published Date: April 2024

Market Pulse Midmonth (Early Look) Market Insights (March 2024)


Counterpoint Research’s Market Pulse Midmonth (Early Look) is a monthly service analysing the Global Handset Market Sell-Through Landscape by key regions and top OEMs and provides qualitative insights on the state of the market. Market Pulse’s Midmonth (Early Look) Market Insights presents analyses that combine our comprehensive and accurate database with unique insights across regions and OEMs from Counterpoint’s team of global analysts.

Table of Contents:

Global Smartphone Market Change by Key Regions (Month-on-Month and Year-on-Year)

Global Smartphone Market Qualitative Insights (Regional and OEM coverage)

Publication Date: April 2024

Market Pulse Midmonth (Early Look) (March 2024)


Counterpoint Research’s Market Pulse Midmonth (Early Look) is a monthly service analysing the Global Handset Market Sell-Through Landscape by key regions and top OEMs and provides qualitative insights on the state of the market. Market Pulse’s Midmonth (Early Look) report provides monthly handset and smartphone sales, market share of top OEMs and growth trends across key regions.

Monthly data breakdowns by:

  • Handset and Smartphone sales by Region (more regions/countries can be included upon request)
  • Handset and Smartphone sales by OEMs (more OEMs can be included upon request)
  • Handset and Smartphone sales growth by Region

Table of Contents:

  • Handset & Smartphone Sales by Key Regions
  • Global Handset & Smartphone Sales by Key OEMs
  • Handset & Smartphone Sales Regional Growth Rates 

Publication Date: April 2024

TECNO Surpasses Samsung in MEA for First Time Ever in Q4 2023


MEA market continues to outperform all other regions during the quarter, due to an improvement in consumer sentiments, decreasing inflation and stabilizing local currencies. TECNO emerged as the standout performer in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. TECNO was among the biggest gainers in Q4 2023 due to its strong hold in Nigeria and other key markets of Africa, and expansion of its distribution network in the Middle East region along with effective marketing there, both in physical stores and, increasingly, e-commerce.

This report is useful for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of MEA smartphone market and how TECNO performed better and secured top spot in MEA market.

Table of Contents:

  • MEA smartphone shipments by Brand
  • MEA smartphone shipments by price band
  • MEA smartphone shipments by ASP
  • MEA smartphone shipments by model
  • Marketing initiatives and sponsorships

Number of pages: 5

Publication Date: April 2024

Custom Smartphone Shipments Forecast By AI and Gen AI capability December 2023 Update


Gen AI has emerged as a key talking point in the smartphone segment lately and Counterpoint research expects GenAI smartphones to hit an inflection point in 2025 as the devices permeate the broader price segments.

Counterpoint research defines a Generative AI smartphone as a mobile device that leverages large-scale, pre-trained generative AI models for creating original content or performing contextually-aware tasks. In order to be considered a Generative AI smartphone, a device must meet the following criteria:

  • On-device or hybrid processing of foundational models, which enables the smartphone to perform complex generative AI tasks without relying solely on cloud-based servers.
  • Multimodal capabilities, allowing the device to process text, images, voice, and other forms of input to generate a variety of outputs, such as translations, image generation, and task completion.
  • A user experience that is fluid and seamless, enabling the device to provide natural interactions and intuitive responses to the user’s inputs and requests.
  • Hardware specifications that are capable of supporting the above capabilities, include but are not limited to a processor built on the latest process node designed to undertake AI workloads, including for example, Tensor Processing Units (TPU) or Neural Processing Units (NPU), LPDDR5X RAM, UFS 3.1 storage, stable and high-speed connectivity options.

Note that the specific hardware specifications will likely evolve over time as technology advances, but at present, a device should have hardware capabilities that are comparable to or exceed the performance of current flagship smartphones in order to effectively run generative AI models.

In this report we estimate the overall market size of Gen AI smartphones and their penetration by key OEMs. We also discuss the underlying assumptions and role of key SoC players as well.

Table of Contents

Exhibit 1.0: Global Smartphone Shipments Forecast by Overall and Gen AI Smartphones (Mn Units)
Exhibit 1.1: Global Smartphone Shipments Forecast by key OEMs (Mn Units)
Exhibit 2.0: Global Gen AI* Smartphone Shipments and Share Forecast by key OEMs (Mn Units)
Exhibit 2.1: Gen AI* Smartphone Share Contribution of Overall Global Smartphone Market by OEMs
Exhibit 3.0: Gen AI* Smartphone SoC Shipments and Share

Published Date: April 2024

Generative AI Reshaping PC Market Navigating the Shift from Cloud to Localized Computing


In 2023, Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney gained wider attention, expanding their capabilities from art creation to human-like text generation and sparking a reimagination of AI’s potential. However, their heavy reliance on cloud computing raised concerns about sustainability and accessibility, prompting the exploration of alternative approaches like localized computing on personal devices.

This article presents a detailed overview of generative AI on PCs, including a thorough market definition for AI PCs and an identification of the major players in the field. Additionally, the report delves into the hardware evolution within large language models, highlighting the shift from GPUs to CPUs and the rising adoption of Neural Processing Units (NPUs).

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Generative AI’s Prominence and Push Towards Localized Computing
  • Discriminative AI for Decision-making and Generative AI for Creative Content
  • The Evolution of Hardware in Large Language Models from GPUs to CPU and NPUs
  • AI PC Market Definition
  • Generative AI-capable Laptop
  • Generative AI Basic Laptop
  • Generative AI-advanced Laptop
  • Analysis
  • Large Multimodals Emerge as Pioneers in Generative AI, Balancing Text and Imagery with High Computing Demands
  • Small Language Models (SLM) Rise as Efficient Alternatives to LLM AI
  • Activities of the Major Players 7
  • Conclusion
  • Authors, Copyright, User Agreement and Other General Information 9

Number of Pages : 10

Published Date: 25 March 2024

India Smart TV Market Analysis Q4 2023


Smart TV shipments declined by 29% YoY in Q4 2023 as there was a cool-down in the market post-festive-period sale. The shipments of 4K smart TVs increased by 5% YoY and constituted 48% of the total shipments during the quarter. 32” smart TV continued to lead the market, but its share is decreasing, whereas the share of bigger screen size smart TVs of 55” and above is increasing.  Online channel share was 39% during the quarter, due to reduced demand post festive-season sales. Xiaomi continued to maintain its lead in the market in Q4 2023 and it was followed by Samsung and LG. In this report, we have analysed the market in detail covering brand strategy, price band analysis, key specs analysis, channel share strategies, and market drivers along with forecasts.

Table of Contents:

  • India Smart TV Shipments Trends
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Channel Share Analysis
  • Key Specs Analysis
  • Key OEM Strategies
  • India Smart TV Market Intelligence
  • India TV Manufacturing Update
  • Smart TV Outlook

Number of Pages: 56

Publication Date: March 2024

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