Global Smartphone UWB Adoption, Q1 2020- Q2 2023


Global smartphone UWB adoption stood at 19% in Q2 2023. This report covers global UWB adoption in smartphones from Q1 2020 to Q2 2023. The report further breaks down the sales by brand, price bands and regions. It also shares global smartphone sales as well to showcase the UWB adoption trend. This report is useful for smartphone OEMs and component suppliers seeking to get updated on the UWB landscape. 

Table of Contents: 

  • UWB Overview 
  • UWB by Brand 
  • UWB by Price Band 
  • UWB by Region 
  • Top global UWB Capable smartphones for Q2 2023 

Published Date: November 2023

Global TWS Hearables Market Tracker and Analysis: Q3 2023


Global TWS sales decreased by 3% YoY in Q3 2023 to reach 81 million units, and revenue declined a lot YoY. Apple and Samsung will not release new models in H2 2023 due to which growth in the $100 and above TWS market will be sluggish in the absence of new features and models. The sub-$100 segment’s share increased by 8% YoY, and the segment occupies the highest share, accounting for the highest share since 2021. Growth in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the India TWS market, contributed in widening the gap between the sub-$100 segment and the $100 and above segment.

Excel report – Table of Contents:

  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Model

PDF report – Table of Contents: 

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global Top 10 Hit Models
  • Brand Share by Price Band
  • Major Region Landscape – North America/Europe/China/Asia Pacific
  • Q3 2023 Highlights

Number of Pages: 14

Published Date: November 2023

SAP Labs’ Paradigm Shift Towards AI-integrated SaaS in India


Since the debut of ChatGPT in November 2022, there has been a significant shift in how artificial intelligence (AI) is perceived and utilized, moving beyond its initial role as a mere chatbot service to becoming deeply ingrained in every facet of businesses, whether targeting enterprises or consumers. ChatGPT has enabled SaaS companies to deliver highly tailored outcomes for enterprises resonating with specific enterprise needs based on their unique data footprint requirements compared with the one-size-fits-all solution provided before AI became thoroughly enmeshed with their solutions. The potential of the Indian economy in the SaaS domain, predicted to reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2030, is underscored by its swift adaptation to advanced technologies. Notably, there has been an impressive 130% surge in startups focused on AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, and AR/VR in just five years.

One such case is SAP Labs in India, which aims to integrate AI within its all-suite of services catering to all business processes across the value chain, from finance and HR to marketing and supply chain. SAP’s business AI is making businesses more effective and helping them grow.

Number of Pages: 4

Published Date: October 2023

Global Quarterly eSIM Devices Shipment Tracker (Q2 2023)


The number of eSIM supported devices is growing rapidly. This report captures the number of eSIM supported devices shipped globally. This report covers 3 device categories – Smartphones, Smartwatches, and IoT Modules. The report further includes the top 5 brands who are shipping eSIM supported devices. The IoT category also includes bifurcation between eSIM and iSIM form factors, The report also covers the top 5 application areas for eSIM and iSIM supported modules.


Table of Contents:

1. eSIM Supported Devices – Category View

1.1 Total Devices Shipments TAM (In Millions of Units)

1.2 eSIM Capable Devices Shipments TAM (In Millions of Units)

1.3 eSIM Capable Devices Shipments Penetration of Total (%)


2. Device Category – Smartphones

2.1 eSIM supported Smartphone Shipment by Brand (Mn.)

2.2 eSIM supported Smartphone Market Share (%)


3. Device Category – Smartwatches

3.1 eSIM Supported Smartwatches Shipments by Brand (Mn.)

3.2 eSIM Supported Smartwatches Market Share (%)


4. Device Category – IoT

4.1 eSIM supported IoT Modules – Shipment by Brand (Mn.)

4.2 eSIM supported IoT Modules – Market Share by Brand (%)

4.3 eSIM supported IoT Modules – Shipment by Application (Mn.)

4.4 eSIM supported IoT Modules – Market Share by Application (%)

4.5 iSIM supported IoT Modules – Shipment by Application (Mn.)

4.6 iSIM supported IoT Modules – Market Share by Application (%)


Published Date: September 2023

Global TWS Hearables Market Tracker and Analysis: Q2 2023


Global TWS sales in Q2 2023 decreased 8% YoY to 71.9 million units, and revenue decreased 6% YoY. The market did not show significant QoQ changes, like in the year-ago period. Although concerns over the uncertain and weaker macroeconomic landscape still lingered, there was demand for affordable TWS products. China’s TWS market showed signs of recovery from COVID-19 in Q2 2023, while the 618 e-commercial festival and promotions helped. Apple’s sales decreased 7% YoY due to the diminishing launch effect of the AirPods Pro 2. The brand continued to maintain its dominance in the TWS market with a 22% share, despite falling 1%p.

Excel report – Table of Contents: 

  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Model

PDF report – Table of Contents: 

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Brand
  • Global TWS Hearables Market by Region
  • Global Top 10 Hit Models
  • Brand Share by Price Band
  • Major Region Landscape – North America/Europe/China/Asia Pacific
  • Q2 2023 Highlights

Number of Pages (PDF): 14

Published Date: August 2023

FWA Landscape in Kuwait and Jordan


In 2022, 98% of Kuwait’s households had access to fixed broadband. The country is expected to achieve 100% fixed broadband penetration by this year. With rapid deployment of 5G in the region and 5G SA expected to come up sometime at the end of 2023, 5G FWA is expected to pick up the pace, especially among subscribers with lower speed plans on wired broadband. In Jordan 4G will continue to drive most of the growth for another couple of years before 5G takes the lead. 5G FWA will drive growth from 2025 onwards once more robust infrastructure is in place and Jordan attains much more clarity on tariffs and CPEs. This report talks about the current FWA landscape in Kuwait and Jordan, it also talks about the strategies and pricing plans of key operators in these nations and forecast of future 5G CPE shipments in these countries.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Kuwait FWA-CPE Landscape
    • Fixed Broadband Overview
    • 5G FWA vs 4G FWA Subscription Forecast
    • 4G FWA vs 5G FWA Pricing Strategy
    • Zain Wireless and Wired Broadband Overview
    • stc Wireless and Wired Broadband Overview
    • ooredoo Wireless and Wired Broadband Overview
  • Jordan FWA Landscape
  • Fixed and Mobile Broadband Overview
  • Fixed Wired and Wireless Broadband Overview
  • 5G FWA vs 4G FWA Subscriptions

Number of Pages: 15

Publishing Date: July 2023

Global Data Center Capex Spends: 2018 – 2025F


The latest research from Counterpoint’s Cloud Service reveals that Global cloud service providers will grow capex by an estimated 7.8% YoY in 2023. Higher debt costs, enterprise spending cuts and muted cloud revenue growth are impacting infrastructure spend in data centers compared to 2022.  The report covers global cloud capex spends, IT equipment spends and AI spends.

Hyperscalers are increasingly focusing on ramping up their AI infrastructure in data centers to cater to the demand for training proprietary AI models, launching native B2C generative AI user applications, and expanding AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service) product offerings.

Microsoft and Amazon are among the highest spenders as they invest in data center development. Microsoft will spend over 13% of its capex on AI infrastructure. AI infrastructure can be 10x-30x more expensive than traditional general-purpose data center IT infrastructure. Chinese hyperscalers’ capex is decreasing due to their inability to access NVIDIA’s GPU chips, and decreasing cloud revenues. The companies covered are – Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle and Tencent.

Table of Contents:

  • Definitions
  • Total Capex Spends
  • Total IT Equipment Spends
  • Total AI Spends
  • Contacts

Number of Pages:

Published Date: July, 2023

ChatGPT Doppelgangers: Unravelling the Dynamics of LLM Vendors in China


While ChatGPT continues to impress globally, China is actively taking substantial steps towards narrowing the gap with the US. The country’s largest domestic tech companies are joining the hyped-up LLM development race. As a result, following Baidu’s launch of the AI chatbot Ernie Bot in March, many players swiftly released their own LLM products.

This research report provides an in-depth exploration into the burgeoning market of large language model (LLM) vendors in China, a field demonstrating significant growth and dynamism. As the Chinese technology sector increasingly invests in the development and application of AI, understanding the landscape of LLM vendors becomes ever more critical.

We delve into the unique strategies and strengths of various LLM vendors, including tech giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and SenseTime, among others. It further investigates how these vendors are integrating LLMs into their existing ecosystems to create substantial added value.

Amid ongoing geopolitical tensions and technological restrictions, this report also sheds light on the challenges faced by these vendors and how they navigate them. Ultimately, this report aims to offer a comprehensive view of China's LLM vendors, their operational strategies, market positioning, and potential for future growth, contributing to a broader understanding of China's AI industry.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction 4
  • China Generative LLM Vendors Landscape Overview 4
    • Four Major Driving Forces 5
  • Case Studies 7
  • US vs China LLM Competitive Analysis 18
    • China’s Triple Shortage
    • China’s Triple Advantage
  • China’s Regulations on LLMs
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 23

Published Date: July 2023

Nvidia and Softbank Join Forces To Deploy AI-Based 5G MEC Telco Network Across Japan


Earlier this month, Nvidia and Softbank announced that they had developed a dual-purpose AI-driven 5G MEC and vRAN distributed platform based on Nvidia's new GH200 Grace Hopper superchip.  The two partners intend to deploy a network of regional data centres across Japan later this year to capitalize on the demand for accelerated computing and generative AI services. The shared multi-tenant platform will also offer a range of 5G vRAN applications.

Table of Contents

  • Snapshot
  • Key Highlights
    • 5G MEC Telco Network
    • Grace Hopper Superchip
    • Leveraging Software Resources
    • Performance Details
    • Use Case and Deployment Options
    • Key Partners
    • Competitors
  • Analyst Viewpoint
    • Platform Limitations
    • Benefits of RAN-in-the-Cloud
    • Eliminating RAN hardware dependency
    • The Intel vs ARM battle
    • Leveraging GPUs elsewhere in the RAN
    • A Crowded Market 

Number of Pages: 5

Publication Date: June 2023

Global Data Center CPU Revenue Tracker: Q1 2018 – Q4 2022


The latest research from Counterpoint’s Semi Service reveals that Global Data Center CPU market’s revenue declined 4.4% YoY in 2022. AMD registered a 62% YoY growth in its data center CPU revenue to hold a 20% market share. Intel’s data center CPU revenue dropped 16% YoY in 2022, while its market share fell to 71%. ARM-based CPUs gained traction with Ampere, Graviton (Amazon) and Yitian (Alibaba) to surpass $1 billion in revenues for the first time. This market share growth in AMD was driven by newer product releases and performance gains with respect to market leader Intel’s existing portfolio. ARM based chips also saw a rise due to Amazon based Graviton processors being deployed at a larger scale along with Ampere computing chips. This report analyses the revenues of Data Center Chips based on Company and Architecture.

Table of Contents:

  • ToC
  • Pivot
  • Definition
  • FlatFile
  • Contacts

Published Date: February 2023

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