Report: For phones over $800, Apple owns 79% of the global market

  • A new Counterpoint Research report details the premium smartphone segment for the third quarter of 2018.
  • The report shows that Apple dominates nearly 80 percent of the ultra-premium segment and owns 47 percent of the total global segment.
  • Samsung and Huawei are the secondary players, with OnePlus making major gains.

The newest report from Counterpoint Research details the premium smartphone market around the world. Although most of the numbers shouldn’t be too surprising, Apple’s market share in the ultra-premium sector is larger than you might have expected.

According to Counterpoint, Apple’s global market share for phones with a price tag above $800 is a whopping 79 percent. Unfortunately, Counterpoint doesn’t break down which companies make up the other 21 percent, although we can safely assume it’s mostly dominated by Samsung and Huawei.

We can make that assumption because Counterpoint does break down the rest of the premium segments (which Counterpoint defines as any phone priced over $400). In the lower-premium segment (phones priced between $400 and $600), Samsung dominates with 25 percent of the market. Apple comes in second with 21 percent followed by Huawei at 17 percent. VivoOppo, and Xiaomi make up the bulk of the rest, with 14 percent going to a mix of other companies.

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