Report: NoMoPhobia Low-battery Anxiety Consumer Study


Counterpoint Research conducted a survey among smartphone users in India to understand the emotions they experience in the event of battery drainage. The study highlights the factors and instances that reflect low-battery anxiety in people’s everyday routines and lifestyles. It also captures how people try to deal with low-battery anxiety. This survey was sponsored by OPPO Mobiles India to understand NoMoPhobia (fear of not being able to use a smartphone) due to low-battery anxiety among smartphone users in India. The survey was conducted mostly across Tier 1 cities and some Tier 2 cities to capture a sample size of more than 1,500 respondents. Quantitative insights were collected from online and offline buyers using their current smartphones for a duration of one to two years. Also, the responses belong to a heterogeneous group categorized based on age, education, gender and occupation.

Table of Contents

  • Key Takeaways
  • Low-battery Anxiety Among Smartphone Users
    • Discomfort around smartphone battery drainage
    • Low battery anxiety by battery level
    • Degree of low battery anxiety by battery level
    • Smartphone usage morning and night routine
    • Smartphone usage while it is charging
    • Charging frequency
    • Charging opportunity
    • Use of power-saving mode
    • Likeliness of replacing smartphone for better battery performance
  • Appendix
    • Demographic split
    • Target respondents
    • Research design: Methodology

Number of Pages: 19 | Published Date: May 2023

Watch our Senior Research Analyst, Arushi Chawla, discuss the rising phenomenon of low battery anxiety, also known as Nomophobia, among smartphone users in India on The Quint YouTube channel. Also joined by Divija Bhasin a psychologist and content creator and Damyant Singh Khanoria, CMO- OPPO India.

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