Podcast: The Current State of 5G Deployment, Challenges and more

The fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G, is finally here. An upgrade over 4G, 5G promises to offer higher throughputs, wider bandwidths, greater capacities and lower latencies with future 3GPP Releases. Leading cellular operators have started deploying 5G NR Non-Standalone (NSA) networks, though the coverage is bound to ramp up this year. At Counterpoint, we are estimating 5G to grow faster than 4G in terms of device availability and costs as well as operator-side deployments.

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However, with plethora of new opportunities 5G brings to the fore, there are a few challenges which the mobile industry and the value chain are facing. To discuss more about the current state of 5G, opportunities and challenges, our VP, Research, Peter Richardson has shared insights and his views in our podcast below:

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