Podcast: Open RAN – Discussing the Potential, Deployment Progress, Opportunities & Challenges

Open Radio Access Networks or Open RAN is slowly gaining momentum in the telecom industry. It promises to be an alternative way of building networks with greater interoperability. Currently, the Radio Access Networks (RAN) market is dominated by Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei, with players such as Samsung growing. And, the technology used is proprietary where software and hardware components are tightly coupled creating a vendor lock-in for telcos.

With some of the key countries blocking Huawei and ZTE from building telco infrastructure, there is an opportunity for existing and new players to capture the big gap left. In such scenarios, operators looking to replace the Chinese equipment with equally cost-effective solutions open up the opportunity for Open RAN players. As Open RAN promises to have vendor diversity due to open interfaces it offers freedom for telcos choosing processors from one vendor, radios from other suppliers and software from a third vendor. This will allow for cost savings, network sharing, and eliminate the vendor lock-in driving up the competition. Further, as operators across the globe have begun deploying 5G networks, Open RAN can be an alternative for many greenfield and existing telcos to have more freedom to deploy an open, scalable and cost-effective network. However, while promising with ample opportunities for Open RAN community, there are multiple challenges which the ecosystem needs to collectively to allow Open RAN to go mainstream.

In the latest episode of “The Counterpoint Podcast”, host Peter Richardson is joined by research directors Gareth Owen and Neil Shah deep dive on the Open RAN discussing our expansive research on this topic. The discussion focuses on understanding the Open RAN technology and how it could emerge as the next big trend in telecom infrastructure as 5G deployments speed up. We have also touched upon the key stakeholders involved, current deployment status, opportunities and challenges faced by mobile network operators if they go Open RAN route.

Read our detailed analysis in a series of reports – The Race To Open RAN Will Be A Marathon, Not A Sprint:

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