Podcast: Leveraging Location Intelligence To Shape IoT and Smart Mobility Experiences

The mapping services have always played a crucial role in delivering area wise geographic information. Over the past two decades, we’ve moved from physical paper maps to digital maps. They are easily accessible at our fingertips. And as we go through this digital transformation, location data is important as a capability that enables different vertical applications. There are several location platforms service providers that offer advanced tools such as offline maps coverage, real-time traffic data, in-app travel planning, POIs, and more.

Counterpoint Research CORE Analysis - Location Platforms Customers & Partners Relationships - Mar 2020

Counterpoint Research recently completed the latest in-depth analysis using its proprietary CORE (COmpetitive Rankings & Evaluation) framework to evaluate the leading 25 maps and location platform players with over 60 capabilities and ecosystem success parameters. The analysis reveals Here as the top global location platform player followed by Google and TomTom.

Counterpoint Research CORE Analysis - Location Platforms Evaluation 2019

In the latest episode of “The Counterpoint Podcast”, host Peter Richardson and VP of Research Neil Shah discuss how location platform players are helping shape the digital transformation. The discussion covers how the companies are moving from being a mapping solution provider to a location intelligence platform provider. We have also touched upon how location intelligence can be helpful in contact tracing in our current battle against COVID-19.

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