Podcast: How Spatial Intelligence is Powering Digital Twins in IoT Era

The sensor-driven Intelligent IoT Era is powering different applications from smart buildings to smart factories to smart cities. However, the crux is to analyze the data collected from the sensors, and visualize it. Further, visualization with location-as-a-context becomes more important to help augment the data and insights in space across a digital representation of the asset. This is termed as a “Digital Twin” which is a visual and virtual representation/model of the physical asset overlayed with the digital data. The rise of Digital Twins has accelerated the need for tools and companies to help build the 3D visualization embodying real-time location-centric intelligence in 3D space.

As a result, this Spatial intelligence sector is poised to see rapid growth and development over the next five years and beyond. Counterpoint analysts have deep-dived into this emerging technology trend and analyzed the key companies and key capabilities which will drive this 3D Visualization or Spatial Intelligence trend.  “The Counterpoint Podcast” host Ritesh Bendre and Senior Analyst and the author of the research, “Spatial Intelligence Platforms: Making Digital Twins Using Real-Time 3D Simulations “, discuss the emerging trends, applications, competitive landscape, and opportunities in the Spatial Intelligence segment.

Counterpoint Research Spatial Intelligence Platforms, Scorecard

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