Podcast: How is the Fast-Growing Kids’ Smartwatch Segment Shaping Up?

Smartwatches are gaining popularity worldwide, especially given the fact that they double as fitness trackers. But they are not just for adults. There is a market for kids’ smartwatch too. These smartwatches aren’t just fancy toys for tech kids, but they are functional too – having features like 4G connectivity, GPS and geo-fencing to name a few.

Exhibit: Global Kids Smartwatch Shipment by Brand Market Share in 2018 vs 2019

Counterpoint Research Global kids smartwatch market


Chinese brands have been quick to realize the demand and capitalize on the same. In fact, China dominates the kid’s smartwatch market globally with 62% market share. In the latest episode of “The Counterpoint Podcast” host Ritesh Bendre and Research Analyst Satyajit Sinha discuss about the fast-growing kids’ smartwatch that is shaping up. The podcast covers topics like top players and their market share, privacy and security related to these smartwatches and more.

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