Podcast: How COVID-19 Pandemic Will Impact the Auto Industry?

The auto industry has been feeling the heat for quite some time now, mostly due to the denting sales and falling demand. And as the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worsens, automakers have been impacted even more. Auto shows, mainly, the Geneva Motor Show, where automakers launch their upcoming cars, has been canceled.

Besides, dependence on China for components manufacturing and assembling has exposed weakness for the auto industry. And adding to that, lockdown in countries like China, Italy among others has also decreased the footfall for car showrooms. Although, dealers and carmakers are looking for alternatives like augmented reality and virtual product launches to keep the show going.

In this the latest episode, “The Counterpoint Podcast” host Ritesh Bendre and Consulting Director Vinay Piparsania discuss the impact of Coronavirus on the auto industry. The podcast covers topics such as global automotive outlook and trends for 2020, partnerships and alliances between carmakers, countermeasures that automakers have been taking, and more.

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