Podcast #61 – CloudSIM™ to Catalyze Growing Need for On-demand Connectivity

The eSIM has been around for a while now, and thanks to Apple it is now going mainstream. But when it comes to the IoT domain, there are several bottlenecks with respect to deployment, connectivity and migration. A few months ago, we spoke about SIM shortages and eSIM migration with Olivier Leroux from Oasis Smart-SIM. Now we have Olivier back on the show to discuss a new solution called CloudSIM™.

CloudSIM™ is a remote hardware SIM which is stored in a dedicated, secure, and GSMA-certified environment. It is primarily aimed at use cases that do not require permanent connectivity. It is also scalable, interoperable and easy to deploy.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Neil Shah is joined by Olivier Leroux, President and Founder of Oasis Smart-SIM, to talk about the new architecture called CloudSIM™. The discussion covers eSIM bottlenecks from the architecture point of view and how CloudSIM™ will meet those challenges, the solution’s use cases, how it complements eSIM, and much more.

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Podcast Chapter Markers:

2:20 – Olivier talks about the challenges faced by the eSIM industry.

5:11 – Olivier on CloudSIM™ solution and how it will address some of the existing challenges.

6:46 – Is it an alternative or complementary technology to eSIM? Olivier weighs in.

8:23 – Olivier talks about the use cases where it perfectly complements.

14:00 – Can CloudSIM™ become a standardized technology? Olivier answers.

15:35 – Olivier on scalability and interoperability of the solution.

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BONUS:: WATCH: Oasis Smart-SIM Demonstrates new CloudSIM™ Solution

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