Podcast #50 – Disruptive Trends Shaping the Next Decade & Beyond

It is always interesting to talk about the future. But in the absence of any magical crystal ball, getting your prediction right needs experience, vision and good judgment. Now, a lot has changed over the past couple of years, with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic driving some new use cases of technologies. Many of these use cases will shape the digital future.

These two years have seen the fall of big smartphone brands like LG and Huawei, even as the pandemic-triggered pent-up demand helped boost other OEMs’ sales. COVID-19 has also caused semiconductor shortages across industries. Then there are geopolitical issues that are expected to slow down some technological advancements while accelerating others.

We discuss all this and more in this special edition of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’ that focuses on our tech predictions for the next decade and beyond. Host Peter Richardson is joined by Tom Kang and Neil Shah to discuss some of the disruptive technology trends that we will see in the future. Partners at Counterpoint and friends, Tom, Peter and Neil share their views on 6G, smart glasses, foldables, OEM strategies, mobile network operators, quantum computing, tech cold war, and much more.

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Chapter Markers for Counterpoint Tech Predictions

02:15 – Tom on changing dynamics of smartphone OEMs.

03:14 Neil on the house of brands and strategies.

04:43 Neil further talks about 1+N strategies.

05:45 Tom on services play by hardware companies.

07:38 – Neil discusses brands focusing more on IoT space.

08:34 Peter on Extended Reality (XR).

11:37 Tom shares his predictions for 6G, smart glasses and foldables.

13:36 – Neil on existing 5G network, iterations and transition to 6G.

15:33 Tom talks about drivers for 6G, smart glasses, and more.

18:56 – Neil on tech companies and operators.

21:10 – Peter talks about wearable devices and their importance in healthcare.

22:40 – Neil further talks about wearables, healthcare and e-commerce.

24:06  Tom talks about the tech cold war getting intense.

26:36 – Neil on OEMs becoming more vertically integrated.

27:17 Peter weighs in on the future of precision agriculture.

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