OnePlus targets upper mid-tier for record quarterly smartphone shipments in Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands

OnePlus grew strongly in Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, with shipments more than doubling annually in Q3 2020. According to Counterpoint Research’s latest analysis of the smartphone markets in Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, OnePlus recorded its highest ever shipments in a quarter (Q3 2020), with the upper mid-tier ($250-399) being a particular area of success, particularly for the OnePlus Nord.

 Market Analysis


OnePlus was the fastest growing smartphone brand in Finland in Q3 2020, registering 209% sequential growth. It was also one of only two major brands (the other being Xiaomi) to record year-on-year growth in a declining market, with Apple, Samsung and Huawei all recording double-digit drops.

This growth led to OnePlus overtaking Huawei as the market’s third largest brand. OnePlus gained 10 percentage points over the quarter to reach 17% market share; well ahead of Huawei (with 12% share) but still behind both Samsung (32%) and Apple (30%).

However, in two key areas, OnePlus established itself as a market leader due to the success of the OnePlus Nord:

  • OnePlus was the number one 5G smartphone brand in Finland in Q3 2020 with 53% market share, swapping places with Samsung. The OnePlus Nord was the most popular 5G smartphone in Q3 2020, accounting for a quarter of all 5G smartphone shipments. The OnePlus 8 family also helped; three of the top five 5G devices in Q3 2020 were from OnePlus.
  • In the upper mid-tier ($250-399), OnePlus overtook both Samsung and Apple to become the top brand in Q3 2020 with 33% share (up from 8% last quarter). The OnePlus Nord accounted for 30% of shipments in this segment, almost exactly the same as the Apple iPhone SE 2020.


OnePlus was also one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in Denmark, with shipments more than doubling over the last quarter. OnePlus has become one of the key Android brands in Denmark and, as in Finland, the OnePlus Nord led this growth in a few key areas:

  • In Q3 2020, OnePlus gained almost 20 percentage points in the upper mid-tier ($250-$399) to become the number two Android brand with 25% share. While OnePlus was still some way behind Samsung (38%), the OnePlus Nord was the most popular upper mid-range smartphone, accounting for 21% of Android smartphone shipments in this segment in Q3 2020.
  • OnePlus was also the second largest 5G smartphone brand, a segment which was still exclusively Android in Q3 2020. The OnePlus Nord was the third most popular 5G device in Q3 2020, closely followed by the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G.

Meanwhile, the One Plus 8 family also helped OnePlus make up ground in the premium (>$400) segments: here, OnePlus is the second largest Android brand with 19% share (behind Samsung with 53%), driven by the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G which is the third in terms of Android smartphone shipments in this segment.


Growth is the main story in the Netherlands as well, where OnePlus bucked the trend by growing strongly in a declining market. OnePlus grew by 412% annually in Q3 2020, compared to the total market which decreased by 8% in the same period.

The Dutch market is dominated by Samsung with 52% share, while Oppo has broken through as the third largest smartphone brand behind Apple. Even here though, OnePlus has done well over the last few quarters in some important areas:

  • In the upper mid-tier ($250-399), OnePlus doubled its market share to become the third largest smartphone brand. The OnePlus Nord was the third most popular smartphone in this segment accounting for 11% of shipments.
  • The OnePlus Nord also helped OnePlus become the top upper mid-tier 5G brand, with 37% of shipments in Q3 2020. Overall, OnePlus is the third largest 5G smartphone brand with 14% share. While this is a decline on last quarter, OnePlus’ total 5G smartphone shipments grew by 22% sequentially, highlighting the competitive nature of the 5G market in the Netherlands.

OnePlus reinforced its position as a premium smartphone brand in Q3 2020 with the 3rd highest ASP ($480), behind Apple and in a similar area to Samsung. OnePlus’s 5G proposition however is more mid-range, with an attractive and relatively accessible ASP of $539, well below Samsung ($804), Huawei ($823) and Oppo ($590).