Meet Counterpoint at Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit 2016 on Nov 25th in Shenzhen, China

Counterpoint Research and Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Shanghai Co., Ltd. are jointly holding the “Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit 2016” on Nov 25th in Shenzhen, China. During this event, industry experts from Counterpoint Research as well as representatives from top smartphone vendors and OEMs will be invited to discuss smartphone development trends and new growth opportunities beyond the mobile market.

Growth in the global mobile market is slowing down as the market becomes increasingly saturated. 2015 is expected to be the last year of double-digit growth. In US, Europe and China, first-time buyers continue to decline while demand for upgrades has hit a historical high. China with its 1.38bn population contributes to 30% of the global mobile market while India with its 1.26bn population only contributes to just 10%. Will India replace China as the next largest growth market?

The smartphone market is also becoming more competitive in terms of pricing. Prices for smartphones have come down while demand from consumers continue to increase, such as higher performance chips, better resolution cameras, faster charging batteries, clearer screens etc. However, smartphone manufacturers are being more cost cautious in introducing new technology, i.e. sapphire glass. How do manufacturers balance between ever-growing expectations from today’s consumers and costs?

With growth stagnating, smartphone manufacturers are seeking to expand into other adjacent areas of fast growth like AR, VR and smart automobiles. How will players take advantage of these new growth opportunities?

These questions will be tackled by our speakers in the summit. Please come and join us at the “Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit 2016”.


Key Speakers at the Summit:


Jeff Fieldhack

Research Director at Counterpoint

Topic: Global Mobile Phone Industry Trends & Competitive Environment – Deeper Look into OEMs – Winners & Losers


Tarun Pathak

Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research

Topic: Hottest Market for Next Three Years: India’s Mobile Phone Industry Trends & Potential


Neil Shah

Research Director at Counterpoint Research

Topic: Smartphone Feature Sets & Key Component Trends – Chipsets, Memory, Battery, Displays, Touchscreen, Sensors (fingerprint) and so forth


Peter Richardson

Research Director at Counterpoint Research

Topic: New Areas of Growth Beyond Mobile: AR, VR, Automotive and so forth