Market Monitor Q3 2018 – Quarterly Mobile Handset Market Detailed Analysis


This is an insightful report providing detailed analysis of the vendor activity and performance, measuring both volume and revenue by sell-in in major region and key countries (55+) and top (130+) vendors covering close to 95% of the global handset shipments. It is one of the detailed Industrywide service providing an analysis of the key market drivers broken out by volume and value – which OEMs, brands and models are performing well, in which markets and why. The report also comes with a carefully chosen featured report based on the quarterly events.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaways
  • Featured Report: Consumer Lens
  • Global Market Analysis
    • Overview
    • Revenue by Device Type
    • Revenue Share by Key OEMs
    • Smartphone Shipment Share by Price band
    • Smartphone Market Share by Region
    • Smartphone Market Growth by Region
    • Feature Phone Market Share by Region
    • Feature Phone Market Growth by Region
    • Smartphone Share by Key OEMs
    • Smartphone Market OEM Share
    • Smartphone Market Key OEM Growth
    • Feature Phone Market OEM Share
    • Feature Phone Market Key OEM Growth
    • Smartphone Market – Country Share
    • Feature Phone Market – Country Share
    • Smartphone Market Share by Brand Category
    • Global Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Models
  • Market Analysis by Air Interface
    • Handset Shipment by Tech – Growth of LTE
    • Penetration of Air Interface by Region
    • Global Air Interface Technology – LTE
    • Global Air Interface Technology – WCDMA
    • Global Air Interface Technology – GSM
  • Smartphone – Regional Deep Dive
    • North America – Handset Shipment
    • North America – Smartphone Share by Country and Key OEMs
    • Europe – Handset Shipment
    • Europe – Smartphone Share by Country and Key OEMs
    • Central & Latin America – Handset Shipment
    • Central & Latin America – Smartphone Share by Country and Key OEMs
    • Asia Pacific – Handset Shipment
    • Asia Pacific – Smartphone Share by Country and Key OEMs
    • Middle East & Africa – Handset Shipment
    • Middle East & Africa – Smartphone Share by Country and Key OEMs
    • Top Selling Smartphones by Region
    • Smartphone ASP by Region
  • Smartphone – Market Analysis by Key OEMs
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs by Region
    • Chinese Brands: Top 5 Smartphones OEMs by Region
    • Local Brands: Top 5 Smartphones OEMs by Region
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs Analysis by Price Band
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs Analysis by ASP
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEM Analysis
      • Samsung: Region and Country Analysis
      • Samsung: Top 10 Models by Shipment
      • Huawei: Region and Country Analysis
      • Huawei: Top 10 Models by Shipment
      • Apple: Region and Country Analysis
      • Apple: Top 10 Models by Shipment
      • Xiaomi: Region and Country Analysis
      • Xiaomi: Top 10 Models by Shipment
      • OPPO: Region and Country Analysis
      • OPPO: Top 10 Models by Shipment
  • Growth Arenas
    • Emerging Smartphone Markets
    • Fastest Growing Smartphone Brands
  • Smartphone – Specification Analysis
    • Smartphone Market Share by Primary Camera Mega Pixel
    • Smartphone Market Share by Front Camera Mega Pixel
    • Smartphone Market Share by Battery Capacity
    • Smartphone Market Share by RAM
    • Smartphone Market Share by Internal Memory
    • Smartphone Market Share by Operating System
    • Smartphone Market Share by System-on-chip
  • Contacts

Number of Pages:  97
Authors: Varun Mishra, Shobhit Srivastava

Reports over $3,999 can be bought via wire transfer. Please enquire to purchase.

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