Market Monitor : Q1 2014 :: Smartphones Now 95% of Total Handset Revenues

Adding to our recently published insights on how smartphone volumes grew almost 30% annually during Q1 2014, latest research from Market Monitor quarterly tracker program highlights how the smartphone industry has grown in terms of value (or revenues).

Some insights from the research report:

  • The total global smartphone industry revenues reached the first quarter highest to US$74 Billion
  • Smartphone revenues now accounts to 95% of the total handset shipment revenues globally, highest ever. Feature phones are moving towards oblivion (pretty quickly).
  • Apple captured more than a third of those revenues with Samsung closely behind Apple with revenue share, together capturing more than two-third of global smartphone revenues as well
  • If we leave out Samsung, Apple generates more revenues than all the global smartphone brands combined
  • Xiaomi is now the fifth largest smartphone brand in terms of revenues overtaking likes of Nokia, Lenovo, Motorola, Coolpad and Huawei and on track to challenge LG & Sony for the third spot confirming its volume market share gains during the quarter, thanks to its smartphone models entering the global best-sellers list during the quarter
  • China now corresponds to almost a fourth of the global smartphone revenues more than the US market compared to Q1 2013 where it lagged behind US in terms of value size but now due to unprecedented growth of smartphone volumes and at a bigger scale it has surpassed US
  • Japan generated the highest ever smartphone Average Selling Price (ASP) in the world followed by US making them the highest ASP, high value markets in the world. To no one surprise, Apple is the smartphone leader in both these markets in terms of volumes and value skewing the ASPs towards high end and thanks to generous operator subsidies
  • In terms of single model revenues, Apple iPhone 5s was the top-selling model in terms of revenue share followed by Samsung Galaxy Note III globally in Q1 2014

Smartphone Value Share Apple SamsungSource: Market Monitor Q1 2014 Report

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