Korea Smartwatch Users Have High Satisfaction and Expectation for Convenience


The global smartwatch shipments rose 25% YoY, recording great growth in 2019. And despite the sluggish smartphone market due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the smartwatch market revenues are expected to grow by 9%, by more spend on Apple, Garmin and other higher ASP models with rising need for accurate health-centric models.

With the continuous growth of the smartwatch market expected in the next few years, we conducted a consumer survey of Korean users to find out the purchase history and satisfaction of smartwatches, following the US consumer survey.

The survey was conducted in October 2020 with 200 Korea smartwatch users.

Table of Contents:

  • Survey Demographics
  • Key Findings
  • Past Purchase
    • Purchase history
    • Place of Past Purchase
    • Spend on Current Smartwatch
    • Buying Motivations
  • User Satisfaction
    • Current Smartwatch Satisfaction Level
    • Areas of Satisfaction
    • Areas of Dissatisfaction
  • Future Purchase Intentions
    • Future Purchase Timing
    • Purchase Channel Preference
    • Future Purchase Spending
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Most Important Factors in Next Smartwatch Purchase Decision
  • Conclusion

Author: Sujeong Lim
Number of Pages: 24

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