Meet Counterpoint Research at DSCC FPD Industry Analysis Seminar 2023

Our Research Director, Tom Kang will be speaking at the DSCC FPD Industry Analysis Seminar on 28th November 2023. The event will take place at the 5th floor large hall of Tokyo Conference Center, Shinagawa, offering insights into the 2024 FPD industry landscape.

You can schedule a meeting with him to discuss the latest trends in the technology, media and telecommunication sector and understand how our leading research and services can help your business.

Session details below:

Topic: Global Smartphone Market Overview and more: Geo-politics and insights into the tech industry

When: 28th November 2023

Key topics covered: 

  • Smartphones to hit the lowest in a decade
  • Signs of the market bottoming out.
  • Will Apple surpass Samsung?
  • New technologies and AI in smartphones
  • Geo-politics in 2023 and 2024
  • Other IT industries: tablets, smart watches, laptops etc.

Read more about the event here

Featured Speaker:

Tom Kang | Research Director

Tom is an expert in the telecoms industry with 14 years of experience. He provides practical advice for the short term goals of clients as well as insights for long term vision. Previously he was a celebrated world renowned analyst at Strategy Analytics. He first introduced value share and profit share. He also created the Smartphone Strategies service and headed the research growing it to become the largest service in the company. Tom also worked for LG Electronics within the Mobile Communications Company in various roles.

Meet Counterpoint Research at DSCC Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics & Technology Outlook Conference 2023

Our Research Director, Jeff Fieldhack will be speaking at the DSCC’s Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics & Technology Outlook Conference on 1st November 2023. 

You can schedule a meeting with him to discuss the latest trends in the technology, media and telecommunication sector and understand how our leading research and services can help your business.

Session details below:

Topic: Regional Trends in the Smartphone Market

When: 1st November 2023 | 8:00 PM CST

Overview of the session: 

This presentation explores our latest regional smartphone data, highlighting 2023’s top-performing and underperforming countries, with insights into 2024 expectations, and delves into significant product and market trends.

About the DSCC Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics & Technology Outlook Conference:

The Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics & Technology Outlook Conference will host experts from around the world to discuss the latest display market results, forecasts, key display market and technology trends, and the key issues facing the display supply chain.

Read more about the event here

Featured Speaker:

Jeff Fieldhack | Research Director

Jeff has 25+ years experience in technology research, business development, competitive intelligence, and business management. Prior to joining Counterpoint Research, Jeff held various research & product development roles at Microsoft, Nokia, Roth Capital Partners, and Gartner. Jeff is a member of many telecom industry organizations including Colorado Wireless Association,, CommNexus, and is a regular speaker at major telecom industry events. He was a 4x NCAA all-American in tennis and is a 12-time finisher of the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.

Microsoft Build 2019: Significant Enhancements of AI Capabilities in Azure Cloud & Edge

There were a lot of exciting new technologies and services announced at the Microsoft Build 2019 – Redmond’s annual developer conference. Below are some of the key highlights, which focuses on the innovations and services regarding Azure IoT (Cloud and Edge) offering: –

Azure IoT Cloud

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure cognitive services

          Source: Microsoft & Counterpoint Analysis

  • Microsoft currently offers about 20 cognitive services, which developers can use to perform image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, anomaly detection, and other tasks
  • At this year’s Build, Microsoft announced the launch of a new cognitive service category called ‘Decision’, which will offer user-specific recommendations for better and informed decision-making. Capabilities within Decision are:
    • Anomaly Detector
    • Personalizer – e.g., The Personalizer API is currently being used by Xbox, which led to a 40% rise in user engagement
  • New capabilities in Speech:
    • Conversation transcription capability
    • Neural Text-to-Speech (Generally Available)
  • New capabilities in Vision:
    • Ink Recognizer
    • Form Recognizer (Generally Available)
  • New capabilities in Language:
    • Language Understanding
    • QnA Maker
  • As per the announcements at the Build, more than 3 million developers have tired cognitive services. There are also more than 60,000 customer deployments and more than 3,000 bots created weekly.
  • A few reasons for this tremendous growth are attributable to Microsoft increasing the availability of these cognitive services APIs across 25 regions. Additionally, developers can access these using a unified API key and these services already possess more than 66 certifications including SOC, ISO, HIPPA/BAA, and others. This helps developers to reduce the time-to-market for their solutions significantly.
  • Thus, these cognitive services portfolio have been successfully creating serious stickiness among developers for the Azure platform

Azure Machine Learning

The new offerings added to Azure Machine Learning, at the Build, makes it easy to build, train, test and deploy machine learning (ML) models such as:

  • MLOps capabilities with Azure DevOps integration, which provides developers with the automation of the machine learning lifecycle
  • Automated ML advancements and a UI to develop models
  • A very intuitive visual machine learning interface for model creation, training, testing and deployment with a simple drag-and-drop approach. This eliminates the need to write any code and takes just a few minutes to create a model
  • For example, the interface below shows a model created for predicting the car prices based on criteria such as mileage/gallon, horsepower, and others

Azure Machine Learning

Source: Microsoft & Counterpoint Analysis

  • Hardware-accelerated models that run on FPGAs allow for low-latency inferencing
  • Support for ONNX Runtime on the NVIDIA TensorRT deep learning inference platform and Intel nGraph deep learning compiler will offer high-speed inferencing on NVIDIA and Intel chipsets

Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge – built on open container technologies, now announced the integration with Kubernetes (Google’s open source container orchestration framework), offering developers more flexibility.

Azure SQL Database Edge     


  • In 2010, Microsoft had released Azure SQL Database – a managed cloud database service with built-in machine learning. Its capabilities included scaling options, as needed, and advanced data protection with encryption and authentication
  • At Build this year, Microsoft announced “Azure SQL Database Edge” an optimized Azure SQL Database service for the edge, which is available in private preview and will be rolled out broadly later this year
  • Satisfying the edge requirements, it offers a smaller footprint and supports both arm and x64-based edge devices as well as gateways in multiple connected or disconnected scenarios
  • It also includes other capabilities such as data streaming and time-series with in-database machine learning for real-time decision making at the edge itself
  • This strengthens the already comprehensive Azure IoT Edge platform via the addition of managed database services and built-in AI capabilities at the edge

IoT Plug and Play

  • One of the unique strategies adopted by Microsoft for the Azure IoT platform is to partner with the component manufacturers and OEMs to extend it from the edge gateway to the devices/modules/components using Azure Sphere
  • Adding to this strategy, Microsoft at this year’s Build has launched “IoT Plug and Play” – an open modeling language that can be used to easily and seamlessly connect the edge devices to the cloud
  • This will allow the partners to build and deploy IoT solutions at scale, for devices where installing software is not possible or are a part of strategy nicely complementing the Azure Sphere approach.
  • Microsoft has partnered with several device manufacturers such as Compal, Sharp, STMicroelectronics and more to offer over 1,000 IoT Plug and Play enabled devices

Source: Microsoft & Counterpoint Analysis

  • This helps Microsoft spread its reach to support as many IoT devices as possible for its Azure IoT Edge Platform as well as connect seamlessly and securely to the Azure Cloud

Other Announcements

  • A new API ‘Azure Mobility Service’ for Azure Maps (based on TomTom Maps), which will provide real-time public transit information for developers supporting location-centric IoT applications such as smart cities, asset tracking, cold chain logistics, and others
  • The cognitive search capability has been made generally available in Azure Search that uses cognitive services algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured results

Microsoft’s extensive portfolio of cognitive services and innovations in machine learning capabilities across the Azure platform from cloud to edge, provide the developers with a platform to build cutting-edge applications while accelerating the time-to-market. Microsoft’s significant focus and development to build unique capabilities for Azure Edge, offers it an advantage to maximize the upcoming wave of IoT opportunities.

Meet Counterpoint at the reCommerce Expo

Counterpoint will be attending the reCommerce Expo on February 1

Our Research Director Neil Shah will be attending the reCommerce Expo, 2019. He will be a part of the panel discussion on Day 1  at 12:45 pm on “Investing in the Electronic Refurbishment & E-Waste Sector – Betting Big for a Sustainable ROI”. He will also be presenting on Day 1 at 2:30 pm on “Assessing the Circular Economic Value of an Electronic Product”. To access our latest research on the Refurb Market, click here

You can schedule a meeting with him to discuss the latest trends in the technology, media and telecommunications sector and understand how our leading research and services can help your business.

counterpoint recommerce expo

To get live reCommerce Expo updates you can watch this space or follow us on Twitter 

Click here to schedule a meeting with him.

Read more about the reCommerce Expo

IoT World USA 2018: ST Micro, Sunsea IoT, Ericsson-PTC, Cumulocity & Microsoft Impresses the most

Seoul, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Beijing, London, Buenos Aires, San Diego – June 29th, 2018

IoT World 2018 was a comprehensive event in Santa Clara, CA covering the entire IoT value chain with more than 300 players exhibiting and 12000+ professionals attending. Counterpoint’s analysts attended the three-day event, interacting with hundreds of high-growth companies, understanding their solutions, strategies and real-life IoT case studies across different applications and verticals.

The top fifty companies that grabbed our attention, span across the entire IoT value chain from chipset components, to modules, to gateways, to software platforms, to cloud. Some of our key findings include:

  • Growing maturity in technologies such as Secure Chipsets, Sensors, Low Power Connectivity, Data Ingestion Platforms, Middleware Security, AI, Cloud & Edge Processing and more.
  • These technologies are powering thousands of current and real-life IoT solutions across more than eight different vertical markets including, Industrial IoT, Smart Home, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings & Construction, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities and Transportation.
  • The most active application segment from Counterpoint’s most recent IoT survey confirmed that “Industrial IoT” is the hottest vertical and seeing the most meaningful and lucrative adoption while “Edge Computing” is the key technology/capability focus area for IoT players in 2018 not only in industrial IoT but other segments such as transportation and healthcare.
  • Companies are rapidly adopting Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) models to enable a comprehensive offering to unlock key insights, leveraging their platform and, in the process, capturing more long-term value. Microsoft, Cumulocity, Amazon, Ericsson and others showed the most promise in capturing value across multiple IoT solution domains.
  • Players such as Foghorn, Soracom, Clearblade, Cradlepoint and Losant are offering their software expertise in cloud and edge to unlock more potential value and competing head on with established players such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP and others. Each vendor offers unique differentiators in specific application areas, with no one vendor having true end-to-end expertise in all the application segments that Counterpoint is tracking.
  • Other big trends include a range of hardware players from components, to modules, to devices, to gateways. Many vendors are seeing more commercial success by bundling software or cloud to offer a solution to differentiate and capture more value in a crowded ecosystem of IoT vendors.

We rated vendors that made their presence felt at IoT World on 11 criteria. The weighted scores are summarized in the chart below:

Iot World USA -- Key Players ranking Microsoft Cumulocity IoT ST Micro Amazon Foghorn Ericsson Losant Cloudera PTC Soracom Nordic Semi NXP SAP Clearblade itron Qualcomm Cassia Google Samsung Mocana arm Microchip Avnet Cradlepoint Altair Sigfox G&D Security Verizon AT&T Rubicon On Semi Nokia T-Mobile Tata Multitech SIMcom Renesas Eurotech Ingenu Trend Micro Juniper Mouser Sanmina Lantronix Sequans Comtech Virtium

We have analyzed in detail many key players to watch for in the IoT value chain. In addition we’ve highlighted multiple insights with reference to each part in the value chain in our latest comprehensive report on IoT World which is published here.


Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in Technology products in the TMT industry. It services major technology firms and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analysis of the mobile and technology markets. Its key analysts are experts in the industry with an average tenure of 15 years in the high-tech industry.


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