Infographic: Thin is in

2015 is the year of the thin form factor: this affects casing, mechanics, material and Battery as well as memory capacity

After the launch of the Galaxy S6 there will be major changes in the market:
• Premium Android = Curved OLED
• Metal casing = a must for $300+ Android devices

After the plateau in technology since last year differentiation was either price, design or brand. The coolness factor will change to metal and curved displays this year. It’s like a fashion trend and it will continue till the next cool thing comes out. So without a curved display it will be very difficult to justify the $400+ price point to consumers, unless you are Apple.
Also the trend using metal will accelerate as it goes hand-in-hand with the trend for achieving thinness – another big trend in 2015. To achieve thinness of 7mm or less, metal is a must-have to deliver the necessary strength and rigidity that’s not easily managed with plastics.

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Thin is in 2015