Google’s Pixel Is Winning over Plenty of Android Users, but iOS Users Are Staying Put

Unsurprisingly, a mere 18% of buyers who switched over to the Pixel previously owned an iPhone. The latter, of course, enjoys such intense brand loyalty that it results in things like a record-high 83% of US teens acknowledging that they own an iPhone. That’s according to Piper Jaffray’s new Taking Stock With Teens survey, which also found that a whopping 86% of teens say their next smartphone will also be an iPhone.

Which leads us to this next point. The Counterpoint Research numbers show that, while it’s not insignificant that Google is succeeding in convincing many smartphone owners to switch over to the Pixel, the fact that most are former Samsung owners means that Google isn’t winning many new fans for the Pixel from outside the Android ecosystem.

Moreover, Pixel devices still represent only a tiny fraction of the overall smartphone market. “The newest Google Pixel lineup was certainly successful in terms of disrupting the premium market space at Verizon,” according to Jeff Fieldhack, research director at Counterpoint Research. “Google invested a lot of marketing money during Q4 2018 resulting in strong sales of the Google Pixel 3 lineup.

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