Global Online Music Streaming Tracker Q2 2020


Global online music streaming revenues declined 2% QoQ but grew 13% YoY in Q2 2020 at $6.7 billion, according to the latest findings from Counterpoint Research. This is the first-ever QoQ decline in terms of revenues as music streaming has been gaining strength with every passing quarter. Paid subscriptions crossed 400 million, growing 29% YoY and 2% QoQ. The growth in the previous quarter was 35% YoY and 7% QoQ.

This research studies the top 15 online music streaming platforms in terms of total MAUs, subscriptions, revenue, and ARPU. The TAM of others has also been taken into consideration. With changing market dynamics, it becomes important for stakeholders to keep a close eye on the market. This research report studies the global online music streaming scenario and will help vendors do a competitive analysis. Also, this report will be helpful for smartphone OEMs, operators to partner with the right online music platform for a bundled package.

Table of Contents

  • Revenue
    • Table 1.1.1 : Global Music Streaming Total Revenue by Brand (In US$ Million)
    • Table 1.2.1 : Global Music Streaming Subscription Revenue by Brand (In US$ Million)
    • Table 1.3.1 : Global Music Streaming Other Revenue by Brand (In US$ Million)
  • MAUs
    • Table 2.1.1 : Global Music Streaming Users by Brand (In Million)
    • Table 2.2.1 : Global Music Streaming Paid Subscriptions by Brand (In Million)
    • Table 2.3.1 : Global Music Streaming Free MAUs by Brand (In Million)
  • ARPU
    • Table 3.1.1 : Average Revenue Per User Per Month
    • Table 3.2.1 : Average Revenue Per Subscribed User Per Month
    • Table 3.3.1 : Average Revenue Per Free User Per Month
  • Scope of Study

Author: Abhilash Kumar

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