Glance Lock Screen Active Users in India Nears 200 Million

  • InMobi subsidiary Glance’s lock screen had over 195 million active users in Q3 CY 2022.
  • In Q3 2022, Glance lock screen was present in 44% of smartphones in India.
  • More than 80% of the Glance active users belong to the sub-$250 price segment.

Glance lock screen active user base crossed 195 million in Q3 of calendar year 2022 in India, according to Counterpoint Research’s Quarterly Mobile Application Tracker. The lock screen service from Glance offers personalized content to Android smartphone users. With its consistent efforts to promote engagement among its users, it experienced 20% YoY growth in Q3 2022 by adding 32 million active users to the user base in the past one year. In line with the overall India smartphone market trends, Glance lock screen holds a strong preference in the $150-$250 price band, and the users mainly belong to the top brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, realme and OPPO.

Glance Active User Base, Q1 2021-Q3 2022 (in million)

Counterpoint Research_Glance Active User Base, Q1 2021-Q3 2022

Source: Counterpoint Research Quarterly Mobile Application Tracker, Q3 2022

Smartphones have become an inevitable part of people’s lives, resulting in a higher pace of content absorption and more competition in content generation. This is where Glance with its lock screen service grabbed the opportunity to bridge the gap between content production and content consumption by making the process of content discovery possible at the very first touch by the users on their Android smartphones. Glance, a subsidiary of InMobi, aims to reach smartphone users in the most seamless yet consumable form. Glance lock screen is one of the services through which Glance keeps its users updated with the latest and most relevant content using an AI mechanism. At the first touch on the smartphone lock screen, it serves the users with personalized content across different genres, like current affairs, entertainment, technology, sports, fashion, gaming and travel, with a choice of eight regional languages.

In Q3 2022, Glance lock screen was present in 44% of smartphones in India. Along with the standard lock screen service offerings, Glance’s consistent user engagement activities ensure user stickiness. It added more than 6 million active users in the third quarter of CY 2022 and more than 32 million in the 12-month period. The growing Indian smartphone market directly impacts the growth of Glance’s user base. Other factors that impact the growth include:

  • Glance maintains a close relationship with top OEMs like Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, realme and OPPO. Xiaomi and Samsung are the key players contributing to the user base. However, it is the partnership with realme that has contributed to the growth since last year. OPPO too has been witnessing growth in Glance users lately.
  • More than 80% of its active users belong to the sub-$250 price segment, with the strongest presence in the $150-$250 segment. The popularity of this price segment in India’s smartphone market directly affects the growth of Glance’s user base.
  • Apart from regularly engaging with its users through live and latest content on its lock screen platform, Glance has launched Hyperlive, which provides a premium live experience where one can witness and participate in prominent events happening around the world.

Glance is working towards expanding its reach across device types, OEMs and other geographies. With the rising penetration of smart TVs in India, Glance is now working on redefining the experience of smart TV users through live and interactive engagements. Further, as Glance strengthens its roots in India, it is now expanding its geographical reach to other nations, starting with Indonesia. Glance has already partnered with top OEMs in Indonesia, like OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi. It will be soon launched in the US, while there are also plans to expand to Latin America.


Glance’s mobile application presence is calculated from our panel database of over a million smartphone active users. Model-level Glance penetration data and active user ratios were extrapolated to our monthly smartphone installed base data using various parameters such as brand, model and price band to predict Glance’s active user base. We expect the results to have a statistical precision of +/- 5% at a confidence interval of 90%.

This is a sponsored survey to better understand the brand’s presence in the Indian smartphone market.


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