Counterpoint Research – NB-IoT vs Competition LPWA Technologies – A Primer

NB-IoT, while promising on paper and ratified in the existing 3GPP standard Rel. 13, is mostly being driven by four companies. This makes it highly political from deployment, competition and IP perspective. Since there are multiple potential LPWA technologies already available, NB-IoT’s selling power is weaker.

Table of Contents:

  • The War of IoT Connectivity Standards
  • The War of IoT Connectivity Standards
  • The War of Wireless IoT Standards – Comparison Map
  • Why NB-IoT? Standards, IP & Deployments
  • NB-IoT : Huawei The Biggest Beneficiary
  • Real-Life NB-IoT Deployments – Mostly powered by Huawei
  • NB-IoT : Future Outlook

Number of Pages: 10 (Full reports are available for clients at our portal)
Author: Neil (
Published Date: May 2017