Counterpoint Joins as Official Supporter for in 2023

We are very excited to share that we’re supporting with its mission of connecting one billion #unconnected people to the internet.

Undoubtedly it’s a massive challenge, but our industry has the technical know-how and resources to make a difference, and our hope is we can bring more awareness to many of the areas is focusing on – themes such as education, healthcare access, financial inclusion, job opportunities. These are things we take for granted but we believe should be a human right.

Find out what we’re doing with in our podcast with them and how our partnership can help connect the unconnected!

Ep: 59 The Counterpoint Podcast: Connecting the Unconnected!




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Counterpoint Podcast: Connecting the Unconnected   Counterpoint Podcast: Connecting the Unconnected    Counterpoint Podcast: Connecting the UnconnectedCounterpoint Podcast: Connecting the Unconnected

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