China Clocks A Record 100 Million Smartphone Shipments in Q4 2013

Global smartphone market continued to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to the fast-growing emerging markets on the cusp of smartphone demand inflection point. According to our quarterly Market Monitor research, total smartphone shipments crossed 300 million units mark globally for the first time in a single quarter, during Q4 2013. To put into context, the total smartphone shipments in 2010 reached 300 million units. While the 2010-2012 growth was driven by mature developed markets across Americas and Europe, the next 2013-2015 growth will be driven by emerging markets of Asia, Africa & Americas. Key market driving this growth in near- to mid-term is China.

Let’s look at some stats & trends in China mobile phone market from our Q4 2013 report:

  • Smartphone shipments in China crossed 350 million units mark for the full year 2013 and 100 million units mark in a single quarter of Q4 2013, a global record. Massive Scale
  • China is now bigger smartphone market than North America and Europe combined in terms of smartphone volumes.
  • China accounts for one in three smartphones shipped globally
  • China smartphone penetration of total mobile phone shipped in 2013 stands at a surprising 88%. Feature Phones are dead in China
  • Chinese OEMs enjoy a combined 70% of the total smartphone market share. A tough market for international brands as smartphone channel now tightly controlled by operators
  • Stronger international brands such as Samsung & Apple together control a combined 26% of the rest of the 30% market
  • Lenovo was the second largest smartphone supplier in 2013 following Samsung as the leading supplier at 12% share. Will be challenged by Huawei & Xiaomi in 2014
  • Huawei, Coolpad and Apple are battling to become the third largest smartphone supplier in China. Huawei growing faster than both
  • Top five OEMs captures more than 55% of the Chinese total smartphone market. 2014 will see emergence of Xiaomi, Oppo and Tianyu
  • Android (& other AOSP ) captured a combined 91% of the total smartphone shipments in 2013

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