Apple iPhone XR Was the Top-Selling Smartphone in the US during February

Counterpoint’s US smartphone churn tracker shows 20% of Apple iPhone XR users were previously using an iPhone 7
The iPhone XR also converted the most Android users among iPhones, the majority being previous Samsung Galaxy S7 users

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April 17, 2019

The iPhone XR was Apple’s best-selling smartphone in February, according to Counterpoint’s monthly US smartphone churn tracker. The XR was responsible for more than 26% of all iPhone sales during the month. The majority of XR buyers previously used the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone XS Max contributed 13% of Apple iPhone sales and was the second-best-selling smartphone in the US during the month. Previous iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus users were the majority of the XS Max buyers.

Source: Counterpoint Research – Smartphone Churn Tracker February 2019

Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research commented, “iPhone 7 Plus owners upgraded to the XS Max more often as they replaced their two-year-old devices with the newest, most expensive model. There were also iPhone 8 Plus users who were most likely upgrading due to their yearly upgrade programs. Overall, many older iPhone users are coming from the most expensive iPhone that was previously offered.”

Fieldhack further added, “The XR is converting a different type of iPhone user. Previous iPhone 7, 6s, and 6 users make up over 46% of sales for the XR when looking at iPhone to iPhone churn. The purchase decision by these users is likely less driven by performance and more influenced by value offerings. The iPhone XR also created the most the churn from Android to iOS. The majority of Android switchers to the iPhone XR were previously using the Samsung Galaxy S7. On the other hand, the majority of iOS users who switched to Android were iPhone 7 users. Samsung Note 9 was the most purchased Android device by previous iPhone 7 users.”

In terms of carriers, the iPhone helped Verizon take away share from AT&T. Verizon dominated sales of iPhone XR and XS smartphones in February. More than 28% of XR and 35% of XS device sales came from Verizon while AT&T sold the most XS Max smartphones with a 31% share of total sales.

Maurice Klaehne, Analyst at Counterpoint Research said, “Verizon capitalized on its buy one get one free promotion in February for new iPhones. For switchers to Verizon, 30% of iPhone XR and 43% of iPhone XS sales were from previous AT&T customers. Conversely, at AT&T where the iPhone XS Max was the most purchased phone, an equal number of switchers were coming from T-Mobile and Verizon at 24% of sales each. Overall, Verizon benefited in this exchange.  However, Verizon has now gone back to their regular $300 off offer with a new line and qualifying trade-in so this trend may not continue in the next months.”

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