Counterpoint is a rare thing: a global industry analysis firm headquartered in Asia. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong and our analysts are based in key industry centres globally. We have teams based in Seoul, South Korea; Gurgaon and Mumbai, India; London, UK; San Diego, USA; Beijing, China; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our senior analysts all have industry experience. They’ve all been in business situations where key strategic and operational decisions have to be made based on the best available information. Too many analyst firms hire people who have had no such experience.


Counterpoint’s founders have worked in management roles in the technology industry for many years. They have also worked as analysts for some of the largest and best known analyst firms.

While in industry, they used the outputs of analyst firms. In general they found the experience poor in terms of content and frustrating in terms of the business model. When founding Counterpoint, they were determined to create a firm that had a singular purpose – to help clients make better business decisions.


Our starting point is wanting to help our clients make better strategic and operational decisions. We employ the most talented people to research and analyse the market’s development. We build the information assets you need to fully understand the available options. We then package the information in ways that suit you best.

And because every client is different, we don’t force you to buy information that is irrelevant. No other analyst firms do this. And every client has access to analyst support so they can ask questions and get guidance on any topic.









The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector is entering a new epoch in which everything that is powered will compute and everything that computes will be connected. This will generate profound change in the economic, business and social structures around the world.

Counterpoint Research will continue to develop its reach and coverage to consistently analyse and quantify the risks and opportunities for clients.

We are guided by our vision for how the world of technology is changing and our mission to help our clients positively develop their businesses. We can only do this by nurturing a team of talented individuals who work with a singular purpose.

We have a set of clear values that we apply daily in our pursuit of serving our customers and our team: we put our client’s interests first; we remain independent and impartial; we observe the highest ethical standards; we use our global reach to deliver the best analysis for all clients; we build strong relationships based on trust; we maintain an inclusive meritocracy; we develop talent through guidance and mentoring.

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Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in mobile & technology products in the TMT industry. It services major technology firms and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analysis of the mobile and technology markets.

Its key analysts are experts in the industry with an average tenure of 13 years in the high tech industry. Its senior team of renowned industry analysts have seen technology companies and the mobile industry evolve and they’ve now come together to redefine industry research. We currently have offices in HK, UK, Korea, Latin America, India and the US.

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