Whitepaper: Global Smart Devices ODM Industry 2022 (Chinese Simplified)


In 2021, as the world’s major economies increase their efforts to popularize the COVID-19 vaccines, the world entered the post-COVID-19 period. In the post-COVID-19 era, while global manufacturing is recovering, it has experienced severe shortages of key components, mainly due to the severe imbalanced FOPDI (Forecast, Order, Production, Delivery, and Inventory) caused by force majeure such as the pandemic. 2021 was also a challenging year for the smart devices industry, and leading ODMs faced various challenges and pressures. With the global 5G network development, the smart devices in the 5G era will accelerate the extension. The Internet of Things trend will become more and more prominent. The three major sectors of smart devices (Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets), related wearable products, and the future smart home and smart travel will all rapidly enter consumers’ daily lives. For ODMs, the rapid expansion of smart devices brings enormous market potential. Leading ODM manufacturers have R&D and design, supply chain management and manufacturing capabilities, and the continuity of cooperation with leading brands in the smartphone field. Both have tremendous advantages and are the preferred partners for brand manufacturers to expand in new smart device sectors. Huaqin, Longcheer and Wingtech have made strategic moves into emerging fields such as smartwatches, smart speakers, and TWS headphones. The revenue capacity of the three major manufacturers’ ODM/IDH business has also been continuously improved.

This report will specifically analyze the industry status and future development trends of the smartphone sector of global smart device ODMs. This full version report includes the other six sectors like tablets, notebooks, smartwatches, TWS headsets, smart speakers and AR/VR hardware.

Table of Contents:

  • Part I, Global Smart Devices Development Overview
  • Part II, 2015 – 2025 Global Smart Devices Overview, ODM/IDH/EMS up-to-date updates and look-forward.
  • Part III, Smart Devices ODM Opportunities and Trends; Risks Analysis.

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