TECNO Phantom X2 Launch Mirrors Market Pivot to Premium

  • TECNO’s rise to global top 10 mirrors broader smartphone market trends
  • Device average selling prices are rising as consumers look for enhanced features and superior performance
  • Regional markets providing needed boost to stagnant growth in mature markets
  • TECNO doubles down on premium with recent imaging-focused Phantom X2 launch

London, Jakarta, New Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Boston – December 15, 2022

TECNO has come a long way since starting its brand journey in the Middle East & Africa region, where it gained favour by anticipating and quickly addressing the needs of local users.

Fast forward 10 years and we see the company successfully navigating growth across other key markets like Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, to become one of the top 10 smartphone brands globally.

TECNO Global Smartphone Ranking

TECNO Global Smartphone Ranking

Source:  Counterpoint Research Smartphone Shipment Tracker.

As we outline in our recent Whitepaper Brand Study: The Rise of TECNO, its success mirrors the rise of regional markets and changes in buyer preference as consumers in developed and developing markets alike opt for higher-end devices offering stronger feature sets – especially with respect to imaging.

The impact of this can be seen in the evolution of smartphone specs. Everything from rear camera counts, SoC processor speeds, internal memory and displays through to battery capacity are rising to deliver better experiences. And consumers are willing to pay more.

““TECNO expansion across global markets has been punctuated by shift to higher-spec devices. This pivot towards premium is in line with what we are seeing on the demand side, where consumers are willing to pay more for better,” observes Tarun Pathak, director of Counterpoint Research’s smartphone practice.

By playing in the higher price tiers, TECNO has been able to shore up its hardware to support its software especially with respect to imaging, where SoC processing power is critical.

As Anku Jain, MediaTek’s managing director for India puts it, “the industry-leading multicore, HDR-ISP designs providing better low-light performance and exceptional power efficiency, combined with the incredible processing power of the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ chipset, empower TECNO to deliver great imaging experience to its users.”

The end result of TECNO’s efforts has been the launch of its flagship Phantom X2 with MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G chipset, enabling the company to deliver on the holy grail of smartphone photography – great low light shots.

Before & After:  Super Night Algorithm Using The Dimensity 9000 5G Chipset

The PHANTOM X2 -Super Night Algorithm Using The Dimensity 9000 5G Chipset

Source:  TECNO.

“The PHANTOM X2’s ‘night scene’ algorithm is the culmination of years of R&D. But we are always looking ahead and continue to focus on all aspects of the user experience,” says Jimmy Hsu, Deputy Director of TECNO Image R&D Center.

As smartphone markets and flagships evolve, continuous innovation and improvement will be critical in vendor efforts to grow and maintain their fanbase; and as markets continue to be buffeted by macro headwinds and slowing growth, we expect to see the premium segment become even more prominent as it becomes the major engine for industry growth.

The Whitepaper Brand Study: The Rise of TECNO can be downloaded by following the link.

It also has an accompanying webinar entitled The Push Towards Premium – Changing Smartphone Preferences and the Technologies Behind Them.


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