Podcast #62 – Closing the Loop on E-waste Management

An increasing number of smartphone OEMs are now approaching sustainability by removing plastic from packaging, using more recycled materials, and making the devices more repairable. But have you ever wondered what happens to these devices once they reach the end of their useful life?

We now live in a circular economy where the focus is on reducing waste by repairing and reusing smartphones and components. As we celebrate Global Recycling Day today (March 18), let us discuss e-waste management. Companies like Closing the Loop offer an e-waste recycling service called waste compensation. The approach is simple – for every new device added to the market, you collect one end-of-life device which is then properly recycled.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Jan Stryjak is joined by Andrea Scholz, Senior Sustainability Manager in the Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone Germany, and Joost de Kluijver, Founder and Director at Closing the Loop, to discuss how Vodafone Germany and Closing the Loop are working together on a one-for-one program, e-waste management and much more.

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Podcast chapter markers

01:30: Andrea and Joost share their thoughts on the increasing demand for the smartphone industry to become more sustainable.

02:23: Joost on how Closing the Loop is approaching smartphone circularity, and also outlines a service called waste compensation.

04:32: Andrea talks about Vodafone Germany and Closing the Loop’s one-for-one program.

06:04: Andrea talks about why it is important for operators to get more involved in smartphone circularity initiatives.

07:17: Joost on why Closing the Loop specifically partnered with an operator and specifically Vodafone Germany.

08:55: Andrea on different initiatives of Vodafone Germany to make the smartphone industry more sustainable.

10:19: Joost talks about the barriers to the wider adoption of the circular economy.

12:50: Closing remarks from Andrea and Joost on what more the industry, specifically vendors, operators and distributors, needs to do to support circularity.

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