Podcast #59 – Connecting the Unconnected!

When we formed Counterpoint a decade ago, our passion and mission were to provide the best, in-depth insights, data, and advisory services for the technology industry. We considered mobile connectivity and devices to be pivotal to the massive digital transformation underway. We wanted to help companies make better and more informed decisions to enable them to offer the best experiences to billions of users.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary and reflect on engagements with hundreds of companies from among the largest to start-ups, we believe we should also play our part in giving back to society by helping to connect those who are not yet connected to the internet and to help them transform their lives.

Our analysts are in a great position to utilize our diverse geographic footprint, knowledge, and excellent networks to create awareness, influence the industry, and volunteer to support underserved populations, such as children, women, and the displaced or otherwise overlooked communities, in getting internet connectivity. Data connectivity can unlock access to education, employment, healthcare, real-time communication, financial services, and more.

As a first step towards this goal, we are excited to partner with Unconnected.org, a UK-based non-profit founded in 2019 by tech industry veterans with a vision and goal to connect an additional 100 million people to the internet. We aim to closely work with Unconnected.org and NGOs on different projects around the world to spread awareness, volunteer, and attract donors.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Jan Stryjak is joined by our VP of Research, Neil Shah, and Unconnected.org Chief Commercial Officer Mea Thompson. The discussion throws some light on why this is important, what Unconnected is doing, and how our partnership can help connect the unconnected!

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Podcast Chapter Markers

01:07 – Mea talks about Unconnected.org and how it is supporting digital literacy training.

02:08 – Mea on whether there is a two-tiered society and economy, while also quantifying the problem.

04:49 – Mea on why companies should be focusing on CSR activities.

06:00 – Neil shares his thoughts on bridging the digital divide.

07:25 – Mea on how mobile operators and device manufacturers can make a direct impact.

09:33 – Mea on how to measure the actual impact of the initiatives when companies get involved.

11:09 – Neil talks about Counterpoint’s partnership with Unconnected.org and helping connect the unconnected.

15:07 – Mea on how organizations can get involved and help.

17:51 – Closing thoughts from Mea & Neil on the partnership to work together and influence the industry.

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