Podcast #57 – Will 5G Offset Macroeconomic Weakness in SEA Smartphone Market?

Southeast Asia, one of the world’s most promising markets, saw its smartphone shipments decline in Q2 2022. But despite this, Thailand’s premium smartphone market grew 22% YoY, confirming a key trend in the overall Southeast Asian market. Other key trends in the region include the growth of gaming and 5G smartphones.

Rising inflation and reduced consumer spending are resulting in a lengthening smartphone replacement cycle. So, how are OEMs navigating this trend with different financial schemes, easy upgrades, cashbacks and more? 5G smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia markets are also growing, so how are operators geared up for rolling out 5G services and demonstrating their use cases?

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Tarun Pathak is joined by Senior Analysts Febriman Abdillah and Glen Cardoza to discuss the key trends in the SEA smartphone market. From falling shipments to H2 2022 outlook, 5G and online vs offline, we discuss all this and more in the podcast.

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Podcast Chapter Markers

01:42 – Glen talks about smartphone shipments decline in Southeast Asia and key trends to look for.

03:10 – Febriman weighs in on smartphone OEM strategies as rising inflation is resulting in reduced consumer spending.

05:26 – Glen on how OEMs are navigating the trend of lengthening replacement cycle.

07:44 – Febriman talks about different financial schemes from brands to push consumers to upgrade to newer devices.

10:32 – Glen on how online channels are shaping up in key Southeast Asian countries.

12:34 – Febriman on offline channels in Southeast Asian countries and how distributors are increasing their reach.

15:27 – Glen talks about 5G in Southeast Asia from the devices’ point of view, and how it is trickling down to lower price points.

17:50 – Febriman on how operators are preparing for 5G rollout, creating awareness and demonstrating use cases.

20:58 – Glen and Febriman discuss the H2 2022 outlook for the SEA smartphone market.

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